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  1. @Spikey @Wins the Battle @gwheelock915 I've been out of town for a about a month now so haven't had a chance to post on this forum in a while. Had the Trial Call at the beginning of April, judge just asked if I admit/deny - said deny and they set a trial date for 6/3/14. It was all very quick so the only thing I managed to get in was to ask if I had permission to submit a motion for Discovery - the judge said sure. The Plaintiff's lawyer stepped in at that time and asked me "are you asking to validate the debt?" - so I said sure. Lawyer then asked the judge if the trial could be set to "st
  2. @Spikey @Wins the Battle @gwheelock915 Yup, that does look like what is going to happen tomorrow morning: Trial Call, as opposed to an actual Trial (yet). For anyone that has gone to one (especially in Cook County), at a Trial Call do I have to verbally Answer the claims in the Plaintiff's complaint AND provide Affirmative Defenses all in one go? I know that sounds like a stupid question given the general point made about "how can you prepare if you don't have their evidence". If I simply Deny all claims if/when asked by the Judge during Trial Call, can I decide what additional motions
  3. @gwheelock915 @Spikey That does make sense generally, that there wouldn't be a trial if I haven't seen their evidence. I was just thinking their evidence was simply the Affidavit of Claim provided in the summons/complaint. Summons originally had the Return Date as 3/18/14, but when I went to the courthouse on 3/11/14 to file the appearance the clerk said that the court/trial date was then set for 4/1/14 - online docket says the same thing. My guess is that "CASE SET ON TRIAL CALL" simply just means the first time the judge will be taking a look? I plan on showing up and doing what you ment
  4. Ok good, glad about the general denial part. I've posted a scan of the affidavit, it was the only "proof" that came attached with the complaint and I haven't been in touch with plaintiff or plaintiff's lawyers to find out otherwise (yet). I'm guessing that is what we'll get into on 4/1/14 at the trial @gwheelock915 @Spikey
  5. Thanks for the responses! Arbitration is definitely an option I'll keep in mind, was wondering more along the lines on what to maybe expect at court on trial date; what to bring, what i might be asked point blank, should i have my answer written just in case, will i have to verbally "answer" each claim in the complaint in person, etc.. Working on getting the affidavit scanned and will then post that asap, thanks again
  6. Hi Everybody, New to the forums, received a summons a few weeks back and have been trying to research my options solely by myself but starting to get a little nervous as my court/trial date is coming up: 4/1/14 In retrospect I feel I should've signed up and asked for help a few weeks ago (served on 3/7/14) but in between work and "hoping for the best" never got around to it.. The lawsuit was filed in Small Claims in Cook County, IL and the only thing I've done is to file an appearance before the return date and mail a copy of the appearance to the plaintiff's lawyer as the summons mentio