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  1. It's strange though, because I've only ever had one account with them. I appreciate the advice I've found on this forum, though. Hopefully it will help move things in the right direction.
  2. Hey guys, First time poster here, so hopefully my questions are specific enough. I have a lot to talk about. In a nutshell, I decided to check my CreditKarma score today, and had an unsurprisingly low 525 (yikes). I'm going to be looking for a new rental home in the next 6 months or so, so I'll want my credit to look as clean as possible (I have no problem paying old debts; they don't total much). I lost my job in 2011 (Texas - school layoffs) and moved up Michigan immediately after. So, here's goes: 1. In 2010 I opened a credit card account with Capital One. It had a $500 limit