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  1. ..what happens if they sue? I don't own anything of real value and I have no income. Can they garnish my fiance's wages or take his car? His car is maybe worth $800 MAYBE if we're lucky. That's just about all we have.
  2. I have been looking for a job. I don't have transportation and people here aren't too keen on helping others. My fiance has a car, but he has work and can't always help me. I have repeatedly applied everywhere in walking distance and on my fiance's route to work. I can't work where my fiance does, I've worked there before and am no longer eligible for rehire.
  3. I have the best buy card, my fiance is the cosigner. I have another credit card through wells fargo. $800 He has student loans, $3000. I would be declaring bankrupcy for $3800 original debt. @BV80 I have no idea if they sue or sell. Clydesmom said they are suing more than selling. No bueno for me. Best Buy recently sold their credit accounts to citi from cap1. So cap1 best buy might be different than citi best buy.
  4. Clydesmom, thank you for the info, albeit depressing, it is important to have. Do either of you have recommendations? The options I see are: working out a payment plan which I'm not sure I can uphold, waiting and hoping they don't sue (why haven't they by now?). Both leave me in a shitty spot. :/
  5. The original debt was $3000, and I just checked, it's actually $4500 is what I owe after fees and interest, etc. So basically what I'm getting is don't try to make a deal with the OC, citibank. Should I wait to see if they sue or sell to a JDB? I lost my job and we're relying on my fiance's income, which isn't much and fluctuates frequently. We have a couple other debts and we're barely able to stay affloat with rent, other bills, etc. My mother offered to settle this amount for me as long as it didn't go over $1000. So I really want to settle, monthly payments are risky as we have no idea i
  6. Okay here goes.. I've done plenty of research, as much as I can without going crazy. I read the Debt Settlement, Step by Step topic and was really hoping Step 20 was going to be posted before the end.. Not finding the answers I need and the copious acronyms are a little intimidating. I have a $5000 best buy credit card debt which I have not paid anything on since 2/2013, so a little over a year. I called best buy, they have since switched from capital one to citi bank and they gave me the number for citi card 800-978-8800 (I googled that which brought me to this forum, actually). I have not c