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  1. Also my mom will not be able to appear in court due to the fact that she has cancer and is bed ridden, she is in hospice right now. also the only source of income she has is SSI and she has no savings.
  2. I just got more documents in the mail from blitt and gaines. One is a bill of sale for the debt from the original debt collector and the other one is a copy of a bill collection notice from MCM. Am I in trouble?
  3. Sorry I haven't checked back in a few. I got the complaint! it contains just an affidavit saying that some person says that this is my moms debt. Her court date is April 30th. 1. we haven't filed any paperwork with the court. What should we file? 2. The lawyer is David Olefsky of Blitt and Gaines. 3. the amount we are being sued for is $4120.96 4. It was a JCpenny credit card.
  4. I don't know what the evidence is. we never got the complaint. I saw my mom had a court date through public search and we just showed up.
  5. Good day all, My mother is being sued by midland and we went to court on march 19th . She told the judge that the debt was not hers and he set a trial date for April 30th. before we left the judge, I asked about debt validation. The judge told us that the lawyer for midland would send us a copy of everything they have and he said that he will not look at any evidence if I haven't received it prior to the trail. So my question is ,should I file for discovery or is the judge correct? and. Is there anything I should be doing to beat this case? As of yet I have not received anything in the mail from midland as the judge said they would send me the debt validation in the mail. Am I being duped?