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  1. No I did not consent to the forbearance, they just did it -- they said they had to doit because it he deferment end date was wrong. I say they should have contacted me that they discovered an error. We just go round in circles on the phone . I am not sure what to do--but I can't believe this is legal-- it just doesn't see right.
  2. My original lender made an error on one of my student loans and deferred it to 8 years past my graduation date. The loan got sold twice, ending up with Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae processed an administrative forbearnce on my loan because the deferment end date was well beyond my graduation date and that was wrong. So several more years pass and then out of the blue I get a letter stating my deferment is now over and a payment is now due. They capitalized interest for all those years and the interest equals the original Loan amount. When I got the letter, I have called several times now to see what the heck happened, and what I wrote above is what I have been told 4 times. I tell SallieMae that I don't believe I should be responsible for all that interest because I don't believe they should have processed an administrative forbearance but should have notified me when the discrepancy was found. They said if they didn't do what they did the loan would immediately have defaulted because the deferment should have ended years ago and basically it's my loan so it's my responsibility. But it is obviously a processing mistake by the lender and they do agree that there was an error made on the deferment end date. Am I truly stuck with all this interest that resulted from a processing error on the lender's part? Can anyone advise?? Help,
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