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  1. Sadly this does not surprise me at all. When we ran into legal trouble last year due to a car repo Colorado legal aid suggested that we don't even show up in court so the other side could get a default judgement since according to them "..we won't win anyway so why bother....nothing to be ashamed with wage garnishment since it happens to the best of people !!".
  2. In a word NO !! The only state I believe that does allow the garnishment of income tax over such non-government things like judgements from defaulted credit cards/ car repos and the like is Michigan and even in that case we are only talking state refunds not federal.
  3. Sad but hardly a surprise. Just before Christmas my co-worker arrived at work and she was crying. We asked her what was wrong and she told us she was being sued thanks to a defaulted credit card. I told her she should check out websites like this one to see what she can do and of course show up on her court date. Did she ?? NO !! The day of her court date she showed up at work and I asked her how did it go. She didn't bother to show up telling us "..I was scared that I would be found guilty and be thrown in jail. Who would take care of my kids ???". If that wasn't sad enough many of my othe
  4. The part of the letter that said "Consider using your tax refund to settle your account", sorry but I had to giggle over that part as it reminded me of the letter we had received from Credit Acceptance a few years ago thanks to a repo, Not only in their letter they suggested using our tax refund to settle but Credit Acceptance had even went as far as saying in their letter that in the event you don't get a refund may they suggest one of the many fine payday loan places around the Denver metro area..and you can make the payment thanks to Western Union through customer service at your friendly
  5. Today I was at a Target store here in Colorado. As I was shopping a man who spoke limited English stops me and gives me his Smartphone. On the phone was a pic of Red Bull energy drink. He kept pointing at the pic asking "where it is ?? where it is ??" . Even though I did help him find that Red Bull later on after watching many other folks who speak limited English doing the same in that Target, I couldn't help but wonder is this a wise thing for them to do with ID thefts and other problems that could happen by giving your phone to someone who you don't even know ?? Oh for the record after
  6. While it is true that Credit One Bank and LVNV both fall under the same ownership the bizarre thing about that, well then again maybe not so bizarre after all is that when we had our issues with Credit One in the past they flat out denied having anything to do with LVNV. Kinda laughable actually as here in Denver we have a local consumer radio show on KHOW-AM 630 hosted by Tom Martino and in the past even they had brought up the Credit One/LVNV thing on the air.
  7. Remember that its not illegal for someone to be sitting in a dark car late at night if its parked on a public street . Suspicious maybe but not illegal. Just saying that if this sort of thing happens again and you do call the police they may take it seriously or they may tell you to take a chill pill and mind your own business.
  8. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately my aunt had left no estate, nothing at all. The house my cousin and her had lived in belonged to another member of the family who had allowed them to live there rent-free.
  9. Back in 1985 my cousin went to college and she graduated in 1989. She begin to repay the loan in 1990 or at least she had thought she was paying them. Since my aunt at the time had worked at home she would get the mail first and since of course this was before the internet and online paying my cousin would give the money to my aunt to pay on the loan. Anyway the aunt died in 1996 and shortly after her death my cousin had learned that the student loan was well into default status ( the aunt had stopped paying on the loan in 1991 ). Unfortunately the late aunt had not only hid the collection
  10. True....however when it comes to certain professions such as broadcasting for example that 80% jumps up to almost 100%. With broadcasting when there actually is an opening such as on-air for example that position is usually filled long before it is even posted because unless the rules have changed in recent years the station has to report to the FCC that they were "recruiting" for new employees. Even though this is something a good many so-called broadcast schools will tell their students ( mine did ) it still doesn't stop very many from sending resumes complete with their social security num
  11. You did the right thing. Some years back my sister had a similar call as yours only in her case they asked her to send them a check and not a money order for five dollars and yes they had used that "vote of confidence" line as well. She sent them that check even though all of us had told her that was very unwise since they will eventually use the info to clean out her entire bank account. Not only did she not listen to us but she kept going on and on and on about how "nice" this person was and how they can't take anymore than five bucks because "it's not allowed" and oh she told us that sh
  12. Using foul language and making verbal threats against these people isn't a wise thing to do either.
  13. This plan of making a payment and staying ahead is not only good advice but here in Denver there are even some car dealerships who go as far as telling those who must deal with such companies as Santander, Capital One Auto Finance and Credit Acceptance in order to get a car to follow this or a similar plan and pay no attention to the so-called grace period if there is even one at all in order to avoid "over the top multiple phone calls" that usually begins the day after the due date.
  14. I guess this would fall under "security clearance", though I can't confirm it myself I have several friends on Facebook who work in L.A. in the entertainment business and all of them have told me in the past that the major studios and production companies DO check credit for those who apply for positions where they would be behind the scenes, handling very expensive equipment or if they would be working with movie and television celebrities. Again I can't confirm this myself ( never had any interest in working in Hollywood ) but I can see it. CBS/Freemantlemedia probably wouldn't be happy if
  15. I am curious..is Walmart the only retail chain where one can buy a bank card to protect funds in the event of a possible levy ?? No I am not in that situation myself but this is for those who for one reason or another refuse to do business with Walmart and they are many. For years I have heard Kroger has a similar bank card like Walmart but I have checked out their website for those who want to do online banking with them only to see the US Bank logo at the bottom of the page. Guess Kroger wouldn't be an option. http://www.123rewardscard.com/credit/faqs.do FWIW I know there is Green Dot