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  1. Thanks shelliah98! For future readers: This is where I found seadragon's awesome BOP template (which stands for Bill of Particulars btw) - you have to scroll down quite a bit, but you'll see it So I have been reading that thread by ASTMedic and I didn't find anything about BOP, unless that is what he calls the "Request for Production of Documents," is this the same thing? And again, because I will be mailing my GD with POS, I can use POS-030 right (because this form is specifically for Proof of Service by First-Class Mail)? And where you (@shelliah98) say: Does that mean I put the
  2. So I am reading mambear's post and I keep seeing "BOP" and am wondering what the heck that is… I couldn't find anything on what that could mean (do I even need to worry about this?). Also, I am filling out my POS form right now and am planning on mailing my answer to the plaintiff, so should I use POS-030, or POS-040? (I'm thinking POS-030) And where it asks for the "Name of Person Served" do I list all of the attorneys that are on the complaint, or just the one that actually signed? (This seems like a dumb question to me, but alas I'm paranoid and don't want to mess it up). ​I also rea
  3. So I'm still looking into the the date of my last payment - I'm pretty sure it was over 4 years ago so the SOL bank location issue may not matter (but thanks for the info Anon and BV80!). I am currently filling out my General Denial and am looking for input on what I should put in the affirmative defense section. As of now I am thinking of putting: "Plaintiff’s claims are barred by the statute of limitations." and "Plaintiff lacks standing to sue." Is this fine? That's all I can think of and I don't want to over do it.
  4. Thanks for the input! I thought that the SOL depends on the location of Bank of America, which is Delaware (thus 3 year SOL)? Is that not true?
  5. Thanks a lot for the advice RyanEX! And the charges are for Account Stated; Money Lent in the amount I posted.
  6. IS MY COMPLAINT VERIFIED? Hello all! So, I've been looking through these forums and they just seem so awesome and helpful! I've been searching for a case similar to mine and I believe I found a very helpful one here: http://www.creditinf...a/#entry1202922 BUT… I need to know If my complaint has been verified. The filed Complaint itself has no mention of the statement "I declare under penalty of perjury of the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct this date…" - the only place where that statement is present is on the Statement of Venue - so is this considere