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  1. Review your credit reports for any inaccuracies or inconsistencies and dispute all those errors. Try to get as much inaccurate or unverifiable information off your reports to improve your credit that much more.
  2. A simple online dispute of the address & phone number has worked for me in the past. Simply dispute it as inaccurate.
  3. If the Exxon Mobile/CitiBank is truly out of SOL I think you can get Midland to remove its reporting of the account by disputing it. Midland has been known to sue but with SOL up that shouldn't be a problem. Prior to reading more on this site I sent the lengthy DV template letter used all over the internet and they responded with all info required but they didn't provide any documentation or proof of license to collect as requested in the letter. They're not required to provide any of that info but when I responded to them saying they failed to properly validate the debt, they responded with s
  4. As time consuming as it is, I would continue disputing. Keep the pressure on them to get their records accurate and make them prove you are responsible for the debt. Personally, I wouldn't pay them or offer to pay them until they have verified all dispute reasons (not mine, never late, incorrect balance, etc.). Did you dispute directly with these entities by responding to their letters to you or were these disputes directly with the CRAs? If your DV letters were in response to a letter from them and 30 days has elapsed since their receipt of the letters and no response, I'd write to them
  5. You should stop contacting Midland about the debt. Have you determined whether or not this really is your debt? Is Midland Credit or GE Capital reporting this account in any of your credit reports? If you were served with a formal pleading, likely a summons, you should have a case number and can likely follow the court docket or call the court to find out of any pending events or deadlines. You need to determine how much time you have to respond to the summons (generally, 30 days from you being served BUT some states have different timeframe) and respond to it to avoid a judgement being entere
  6. Should I go back to TransUnion and dispute the entry again stating they failed to respond to my 623 dispute to try and get it deleted that way? This post was for my original dispute of 'not mine' but since then I have disputed the same account as 'never made a late payment' (they're reporting a late payment) and that came back verified too. So my next move will likely be to send 623 dispute to Macy's for the 'never made a late payment' dispute but should I hold off until I have TransUnion review a dispute based on the 'not mine' 623 violation?
  7. Would it be possible for you to get a sizable chunk of money and split it in getting 2-3 additional secured credit cards? Your score would probably dip a little because of the decrease in average account age but it would probably offset and start to increase after a couple of timely payments. You're getting the benefit of adding multiple accounts & getting positive payment history reported which should help your credit worthiness to creditors. In order to add some positive reporting to my credit, I got a Fingerhut card (very easy to obtain) and used it to only buy socks & underwear (ov
  8. I would probably ignore their request for additional info and wait for the CRA to report back the results. If they verify, then send a letter to the collection agency stating that you disputed with the CRA, it was verified, and now you ask that they provide proof the debt is yours. They really don't have to provide anything to you but this is what worked for me to get a couple of negative entries off my report. This worked the easiest with MCM )Midland Credit Management).
  9. They are reporting a late payment I have disputed with TU. Should I just send future disputes directly to the OC to force them to respond to me and not the CRA?
  10. @BV80 Yes, I did have the account with Macy's. I disputed with TU first because I thought in order to have a right of action I would have to dispute with TransUnion first and then dispute the same info they verified to TransUnion. I find it hard to believe that their failure to respond is not a violation... and if that's the case, then what is the point of these credit reporting laws? Doesn't FCRA 623(a)(8)(D) give me the right to dispute the account and 623(a)(8)(E) require them to complete the investigation & report the results? I believe 623(a)(8)(F)(iii) requires they notify me of the
  11. A few months back I disputed this account online through TransUnion's website. I have several other letters CMRR to TransUnion disputing various entries but the cost is getting a little out of hand so I've disputed online since I'm getting the same results anyways. I disputed the account online as not mine, came back verified, and I sent these two letters to Macy's and still no response from them. Are they not in violation of FCRA 623 for failing to respond?
  12. To help keep track of these things, I always include the complete tracking number on any letters I send out Certified Mail.
  13. @BV80 I don't recall for sure but it is likely that I did open the account. I guess since they've verified I'm going to dispute balance, date opened, late payments, etc. I'm pretty sure there is an article here that lists the order of these disputes and the various reasons for disputes. Now when I start my next round of disputes and every other round necessary, will I have to first dispute w/ CRA for each reason? I assume I will have to in the event that the CRA verifies and then I have to 623 the OC for verifying.
  14. Why not DV the CA/JDB and if after trying that you are unable to get them off your report, then maybe consider trying to settle following what everyone has said in regards to getting the agreement in writing. I've successfully removed ALL reporting by CA/JDB with a combination of disputes directly to them & disputes to CRA.
  15. @quisait Any word? Hopefully this was corrected already...