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  1. With that many sales/acquisitions, it will be nearly impossible for them to provide an adequate chain of title-- more good news for you!
  2. @Oregondebtsucks Sending you a private message with the info.
  3. @oregondebtsucks What county were you sued in? Have you already filed your response? I have templates for discovery requests, answer, motions if you need them.
  4. A big thank you to everyone for your kind words! @HelpingGreg -- The statements are forged. They won't, however, enter purchases into the statements but manage to insert payments that you don't remember paying. In my case, it wasn't even my account. I called the bank and they verified there was no actual charge-off. Go figure. Just shows what crooks and liars CACH and Mandarich are. Best of luck to you!
  5. Hello everyone!! About a day before I was going to file my Writ of Execution against CACH, I got a knock at my door from the UPS guy. It was from Mandarich. My heart sank. After reluctantly opening the envelope, I saw my check. Hooray! I guess my collection tactics are over! Off to file my satisfaction! I am so thankful for everyone here on CIC! Thanks again!! ~PD
  6. @1stStep I haven't served the writ on U.S. Bank. For some reason, this whole Writ of Execution is confusing me. Does anyone have a good sample? I haven't heard a word from Mandarich trying to collect. If they do attempt to collect, I'll probably sue them in federal court just to waste their time (and win!). Thanks so much!
  7. Please do Requests for Production and Admissions! They are always late responding, and you can do a Motion to Compel asking for sanctions. Since you are in California, you have the CCP 96/98 advantage regarding the appearance of their witness. They use Magic West most of the time along with Peter Huber. He never shows. They will also try to introduce a forged affidavit that is supposed to be from Bank of America. Be on the lookout for Melinda K. Stephenson and her posse of robosigners! The affidavit is not admissible as it is: untrustworthy, not created in the course of regular business, unauthenticated. Next you will be hearing from Peter Huber or Magic West. They claim to be familiar with Bank of America's records. File a Motion in Limine to preclude admission before trial. Also prepare motions to strike all evidence based on CCP, Evidence Code, etc. Don't be intimidated my Mandarich. I beat them this summer. They play dirty so look out! Keep all of your receipts from the Post Office. They will pretend you didn't mail things to them. Is Ryan Vos handling your case. If so, he is the best attorney from their office. If it is Elizabeth Sutlian, she's a moron fresh out of law school. She throws in a bunch of irrelevant case law to try to confuse you. Research every case they site. They will call you as a witness at trial if they don't have any real evidence (most of the time!). Give them useless but accurate testimony. DON'T SETTLE!!! (unless you want to). Sorry for the long rant! Hope this helps!
  8. I appreciate all of the replies! I will be sure to add the judgment to their credit! Since a writ of execution is a done deal, I might hire an attorney to garnish their accounts. Can I tack this onto the judgment as a legal fee? Thanks!
  9. Congrats! Elizabeth Sutlian handled your case, right? She is the biggest moron I have ever encountered. I tried to get in contact with Mandarich during my case to meet and confer discovery. Unfortunately, I was connected to her, not Ryan Vos (also a moron) who handled my case. I'm SO glad that you beat Mandarich. They are so shady, scummy and incompetent. Congrats again!
  10. When I was sued by CACH, it took them five months to serve me. It really makes no sense because I've lived in the same house for 12 years and they know where to find me. LOL! Use this time to draft your answer, discovery requests, demand for bill of particulars (since you live in California!), and possible motions to compel, preclude, etc.
  11. Thanks for the replies! I will get a Writ of Execution. Do I have to domesticate the judgment to Colorado since their principal place of business isn't in Oregon? @1stStep -- thanks for the tip about the banks! Can I just go into any U.S. Bank branch and present the writ? Thanks so much everyone!
  12. Hi everyone! It sure has been a while since I last posted. So after I beat CACH and their time to appeal ended, judgment was entered in my favor. Now, how do I actually collect the money from them? I strongly doubt that they will pay without a garnishment, writ of execution, etc. Should I make them appear at a debtor exam? Also, I am wondering if I have to domesticate the judgment to Colorado; their primary location of business. I am thinking about calling Mandarich and demanding that they pay me. What do you think? Thanks! - PD
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