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  1. It also says on the docket sheet, "case category: breach of contract" and "action type: claim"
  2. Here's the full text of complaint: COMPLAINT Comes the Plaintiff and for its cause of action against the Defendant, states: 1. That the Plaintiff is a corporation authorized to bring this action under Ark. Code Ann. § 4-27-1501. 2. That the Defendant is a resident of [REDACTED] County, Arkansas. 3. Jurisdiction and venue are proper in this Court. 4. That Defendant purchased certain items with extensions of credit obtained on his/her HSBC BANK NEVADA, NA/BEST BUY account. This account was purchased by, and assigned to the Plaintiff for good and valuable consideration. 5. That the amount
  3. Yes, Nevada is the governing law. It reads: Applicable Law - This Agreement and your Account will be governed by federal law and, to the extent state law is applicable, the laws of the state of Nevada, whether or not you live in Nevada and whether or not your Account is used outside Nevada. This Agreement is entered into in Nevada, your Account is maintained in Nevada, and all credit under this Agreement will be extended from Nevada. Also Stamatis is the lawyer in his case.
  4. Thank you all for this info! My brother plans to speak with an attorney tomorrow; and work his discovery which is also due tomorrow (he called and got an extension) and will use your suggestions here for it. Will keep you posted.
  5. Alright, thanks. Just trying to get information for him not necessarily answer for him. I appreciate the input.
  6. My name is Yvette and I am handling this for my brother who is being sued and is a truck driver and is currently on the road. Please see answers to your questions below here: I'd appreciate any help. Thanks. Here’s the summary: 1. First lawsuit Filed 4/6/2010 by Cavalry Portfolio Services LLC as Assignee of Cavalry Investments LLC as Assignee of HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A.\Best Buy, and attaching: Cardmember Agreement and Disclosure Statement and Affidavit of Claim with their Bill of Sale and an Statement of AccountFirst suit suing for $1074.30 (w/other costs $1,088.90)Charge off da
  7. Being sued by Cavalry Investments for 2007 Best Buy debt; I believe this maybe a debt I owed long ago but the lawsuit did not attach the signed contract only an affidavit stating I owe the debt. I filed an answer denying essentially because they have not shown me proof (i.e. signed contract) since they are pursuing litigation. I have discovery to serve today and need help answering; and to know the key deadlines of legal actions to be done in suits; and any other helpful advise; thank you. RFA #1. Admit that Def is a resident of ____ County, AR RFA #2. Admit that Def purchased certain