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  1. Need some help from any and all? I am down to one collection account on my credit report. The debt collector is good ole Asset Acceptance. I owed the original creditor, Beneficial, $10,000 and my DOFD is Feb 2008. (Business went south, lost my home, started a free-fall and making my way back now.) I disputed this collection account with all 3 CRA's in mid-May. The result was "verified" by all 3 CRA's. Additionally, Asset Acceptance has been actively reporting every month now with new, additional interest costs. The balance is now $13,712, I have no documentation from Asset Acceptanc
  2. In theory, you are correct. The CA is not required to delete the account from your CR because you paid the OC. Additionally, I have not and did not pay off every OC during this process. In fact, I have one remaining collection that is past SOL but not met the 7.5 year threshold in regards to the CRA's still allowing this account to remain on my CR. I am not and will not pay a penny to this last remaining collection account. It's held by Asset Acceptance and they continue to report additional interest to all 3 CRA's every 2 weeks. I'm working on some other letter writing strategies presen
  3. UPDATE: After sending a copy of the CA's letter to each of the CRA's, I am happy to report that this collection account is now deleted entirely from all of my credit reports. Better yet, I did not have to give a single to penny to these debt collecting suckers. They did not receive their $231 of "interest". Getting better every day, every week, every month!
  4. I had to share some exciting news from today's credit score update. When I started this process on May 6th, 2014, using TrueCredit's site, my TU report contained 4 delinquent accounts and 10 derogatory accounts. Specifically, I had 9 collection accounts, and then some other bad stuff, late stuff, child support in arrears, home foreclosure in 2011, etc, etc. One thing led to another, which led to another, and I simply threw my arms up tried to ignore everything for a couple of years. I felt "stable" enough to start chipping away at all of these things and I can't believe how promising I
  5. @Wins..... I have learned much from your advice. My naive hope was that paying off OC's where possible would allow me to manipulate either the CRA's as OC's were paid, NOT the CAs....or.....paying off the OC would position the CA to report erroneously, leading to a delete. I had not thought about the ramifications of updating old debts and making them "new", thus further hurting my scores. On another note, I sent a follow-up letter to the CA, stating that I do now owe a balance, sent him a receipt of the OC's zero balance statement, and a few other points that let him know I meant busine
  6. Well..........this is embarassing but I must confess something. I failed to send the DV letter to Asset Acceptance. In my scurry of letter writing, analyzing, developing a strategy for each collection account, etc, I realize that I did not send them a DV letter. My initial thought was to dispute with CRA and then wait for respond and new reports before DV-ing. Now that I realize this last remaining collection account is past the SOL, and because of the wisdom you have provided me, I'll just do nothing and wait for it to fall off. On a side note, since my initial CRA dispute, which the CR
  7. Well, after reviewing both of these tradelines, which as a reminder, are based on one account, I think I have discovered the problem, but I'm still at a loss as to the solution. Key Bank NA is listed as the creditor on one TL. Key Bank NW is listed as the creditor on the other TL. However, the creditor addresses listed in the credit report as identical. Only the name of the creditor is slightly diffferent. One is Key Bank North America (NA) and the other is Key Bank Northwest (NW). The account originated in Washington state - thus "Northwest" - I suppose. It stinks to have 2 derogator
  8. I pulled my credit reports in early May 2014 to begin rebuilding the credit portion of my life, post-divorce, post foreclosure, new job, relocation, etc. Depending on how you look at it, my timing could not have been better (or worse). I found a Key Bank line of credit, of which I was a co-signer on for my ex-wife, which was opened in 2007. When we split-up, I completely forgot about this account. Additionally, I had failed to look at my credit reports for a numbers of years after losing the home in 2008. So....... I pulled up my CR and found that she quit making payments on her credit
  9. UPDATE: After a smart-a** DV response letter I received from this CA, I wrote them back and threatened to sue them based on several discrepencies they included in the DV response as well as how they were reporting erroneous numbers to each of the 3 CRA's. I sent this second letter CMRRR on on June 13th. They received it on June 16th. On June 17th, they wrote me another response letter with the following verbiage: To Whom It May Concern; We have requested that the above-mentioned account be deleted from your credit report and have notified the appropriate Credit Reporting Agencies. If
  10. Well....that cut and paste didn't work very well, did it. Here it is in easier print.... TU - Reflects a balance of $1072 (Utility bill of $847 plus their interest). They have not updated since April 8, 2014. EQ - Reflects a balance of $231. Their interest only - as principal balance was PIF to OC This was updated June 1, 2014. EX - Reflects a balance of $847. They have not reported interest or any updates to EX since July 1, 2011. Does the fact that they have not reported additional interest to EX allow them to do so now? Aren't they now required to show Paid in full on the Ex
  11. I apologize for a potential re-post, but I'm frustrated and want to find a way to remove a collection account from my CR. In short, I reviewed my CR with all 3 CRAs and began the process of cleaning up old collection accounts. The specific account I'm referencing here was an old utility bill from a home foreclosure. After reviewing my credit report, and knowing full well that I've never received a phone call or piece of correspondence from the collection agency listed on my CR, I called the OC (utility company) to inquire if I could resolve my balance with them in full. To my surprise, the
  12. In September 2013, I received a letter from my employer's HR department advising me that I would be garnished for the next 2 pay cycles due to a writ of garnishment that was filed in 2009. Attached were court documents from Oregon, where I used to reside....with my ex-wife. The documents were addressed to myself and my ex-wife at an address I am unfamiliar with in Oregon, although I can assume the address listed is where my ex-wife lives. Because I don't talk to the ex, who did lots of nasty stuff leading up to divorce, I didn't fight the issue and just let the thing be done. The accoun
  13. This pisses me off... Discovered an old utility bill for $847 from a state a used to reside in, stemming from walking away from my old home in 2008 (foreclosed). Discovery was made when I began this credit report rehab project on May 6th or so. Account was listed by a CA in Oregon, with an amount of $1072. I had/have never received a phone call of piece of mail from them.....ever!!! I had the money, so I called the actual utility company to see if they would take my payment, hoping this would give me leverage to remove the CA and avoid the interest. They gladly accepted my payment for
  14. - I totally understand and agree to the usurious interest rates comments. Ideally, as stated earlier, I just want to settle this thing, be done with them and get this TL off of my CR. (Is it ok to refer to a collection account as a TL?) Thank you, all three of you, for your responses/dialogue. Ironically, when I refreshed my truecredit reports this morning, there was an alert that EQ had been updated by Asset Management. I don't have access to the new EQ report yet, but I'm certain they have verified the account as reported, so we'll see what happens next. I don't even know if Benefic
  15. Greetings, I won't bore you with all of the details of 7 of the 8 collection accounts I found in my credit reports when I begain this adventure on May 12, 2014 or so, but I'll include a link to a post where I'm documenting my victories one at a time here..... http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/323902-successfully-paid-3-original-creditors-in-full-but-ca-accounts-still-showing/#entry1298069 I read more than a few posts regarding the ethical duty to pay debts that are legitimate as opposed to trying to simply trying to not pay monies that we owe,.and felt compelled to pay the
  16. ANOTHER POSITIVE UPDATE: -A 3rd Collection account fell off of my CRs this morning. When I started this adventure, I had a $300 bill for newspaper advertising I had failed to pay prior to my last business desolving. (Know that I had paid thoursands of dollars to this small newspaper prior to last invoice of $300.) I took a new job and relocated and the office manager of this paper called me rudely for payment without any pleasant greeting or "how you doing?". I guess my expectations for courteous phone skills are/were too high. Rather than pay them, I taught them a lesson and did nothin
  17. Refresher: I started May 12th with 8 collection accounts. (Irresponsible, not paying attention, muddle through divorce aftermatch,etc. Should not have let it happen, but I was burying my head in the sand hoping things would get better, "I'll take care of this later", etc. Not proud of it, but it's what I did.) Two collection accounts have come off of my CR. 1) NCO - a CA. I paid the medical clinic that was the original creditor. I disupted the collection TL with CRA's as paid to original creditor - no knowledge of CA and/or TL. I included copies of checking account statement and older invo
  18. UPDATE on my above situation....... Refresher: I started May 12th with 8 collection accounts. (Irresponsible, not paying attention, muddle through divorce aftermatch,etc. Should not have let it happen, but I was burying my head in the sand hoping things would get better, "I'll take care of this later, etc. Not proud of it, but it's what I did.) Too collection accounts have come off of my CR. 1) NCO - a CA. I paid the medical clinic that was the original creditor. I disupted the collection TL with CRA's as paid to original creditor - no knowledge of CA and/or TL. I included copies
  19. I'm starting a new chapter in my life and trying to get my "stuff" together after burying my head in the sand for a few years. In short, I pulled my CRs, only to find that I had 8 collection accounts in my credit report(s). Aware of this site/forum from a similar experience a decade ago, I decided to face my debts and obligations head-on and get started with the rest of my financial life. Because I know that I owed the money on all of these accounts, my first line of defense was to simply see what would happen if I mailed monies to the original creditor with old statements/invoices that I