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  1. FHA will want to see a bank statement. You may try getting a printout of the activity on your pre-paid card. that may also be acceptable. they really just want to see verification of the income and you stated that the pay checks are going directly into your pre-paid account. Try that first! God Bless
  2. The answer is simply to tell him I will agree to pay the appraised value. if that value is lower than the current amount owed, will you agree to complete a short sale? If he says no then walk away because he CAN'T sell the house right now. He will either have to face reality or sit on the house until something changes. Either way, no reason to make his problem yours. Just ask him if he will sell for market value even if its below what he owes. his answer will let you know if you have something or not. God Bless!
  3. You will usually have to wait on the credit card. However, you can try to request an update thru the credit bureau by challenging the balance of the card. the only issue with this is that it may take up to 30 days also.
  4. CanIOwn

    Ocwen Bank

    Register online at the Ocwen website. After you register you can submit your documents by upload. You will have a much better chance of the bank seeing the documents. Also, setup an appointment online to talk with a modification specialist. that way you will get one point of contact and you can send documents directly to them. I have seen the same thing happen in the past and depending on where you were in the Indymac process, Ocwen may or may not accept the mod docs from Indy. From the sounds of it, it seems they rejected it. Simply get a point of contact and resubmit with updated documents to that POC. Good Luck!
  5. CanIOwn


    Have you contacted the bank. Many times a bank can make errors and not send paperwork or send it to a wrong address. It could also be simply the fact that it wasnt completely approved or is still in some form of the approval process. Call them and ask for clarification. Anyone that answers should be able to tell you from the account notes exactly whats going on. Good Luck!