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  1. Amos Anon, you were right! They filed a motion to dismiss! Have you ever heard of them doing that and filing another complaint? Or is it typically the end in a small debt case like this? (around $1000) Should I file something and ask the judge to dismiss with prejudice?
  2. They sent us a response to a Bill of Particulars request which was just a bunch of old credit card statements. June 18th is the trial date for sure, and still no discovery or CCP 98 request.
  3. Thanks! So if I get a CCP 98 declaration 5 days before trial...I should file a motion to strike because it was supposed to be sent 30 days before trial?
  4. Hi, I'm new to the forum, but I've read a bunch of posts by helpme, ASTmedic, Seadragon, and others, and your information that you're putting up here is so helpful Filed a timely answer in October, then nothing happened. Didn't realize I needed a statement for the CMC, but we did attend. We had a CMC on May 12th, and they set a trial date of June 18th. That left little time, so I sent a discovery request (disc-015) Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested to Hunt & Henriques on May 15th. If they wait until the last minute to answer, how will I have time to subpoena their affiant