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  1. Hello again, Friend asks if she buys a house under her husband's name, would/could they still come after her/him/the house since they are married? Thanks!
  2. Thanks very much to both of you! She has one last question. The judgments are not shown in her credit history as of now. I believe it has been more than 7 years and that is the reason why it is not there. What if they renew? Will it show in her credit report for another 7 years starting the day they renew (if they do) and disappear after 7 years again? Thanks!
  3. I see. It looks like she needs to wait and see if they renew the judgment until she buys something or pay whatever her debt is to them. I guess she will need to keep renting a house and lease a car. Not fun. Landlord until 2015. Collection agency until 2016. I wonder if there is a limit to renewal a judgment or can they renew it forever? Clydesmom, I do not know if you are a lawyer or not but you should be
  4. OK. I just talked to her and told her your answers. She is not thrilled:) She wanted to know if the collection agency who sued her sold the account to another collection agency, would the initial judgment be still valid or be null? She said she never received any letter from the collection agency that sued her. All different companies. She also thanks you:)
  5. Thanks again! She has nothing under her name, not even a car. She just has a store card and two credit cards and a bank account with little money. What I am trying to say is that I wonder if they know this and not renew. I mean can they check this or not? I have no idea. She does want to settle down and eventually buy a house and a car but I am sure she will have to re-evaluate her plans. She has been trying to build a good credit and she actually has a good one now. I wonder what people do in this kind of situation? Maybe get a loan/mortgage under her name and put her dad/mom's name on th
  6. Thank you Clydesmom! If you do not mind, I have some other questions. - When does the 10 year start? When they sue or when she stopped making payments? - Is it likely that they will renew the judgment? I mean I am asking for your experience here if you have any. I think the landlord's was for only one month rent but then it added up to like $4K-$5K I think. I can ask her if the amount is important for renewal reason. - Would they need to go to FL to sue her/renew the judgement? - So, basically she does not need to worry about SOL at all but need to worry about the judgments against her for
  7. My friend wants me to find out since she does not want to post it herself. She stopped paying debts in 2005 She left the States to go to France in 2005 She got sued in 2005 by the landlord She got sued in 2006 by collection agency She moved back to the States in 2009 She occasionally receives letters to pay the landlord from the law firm and from various collection agencies. She never replied to the law firm but has sent the collection agencies letters telling them to stop bothering her since the statue of limitations has passed. What is her statue of limitations situation from what I wro