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  1. I hope this is the case and it gets dismissed. My biggest concern is not showing up for the hearing, which at this point is impossible. Can the courts place a judgement against me even if the plantiff does nothing at this point?
  2. Hi, this is my first time posting on here. I'm in need of advice. I have been activly fighting midland funding since I received a summons 09/11. The last activity was when I filed a "Request for Discovery and Documents" 10/11. (Which they did not suffciently respond...only sent the exact same information they had attached to the actual summons...a credit statement and a ltr of purchase from Chase to Midland with no act#s or names or anything. However, did not respond to the actual requests) Anyway, I now receiveded a "Notice of Lack of Prosecution" court motion since there has been not activity on the case. My first questions is: How do I respond to this? Second: I have moved 2800 miles away from the county the lawsuit is in and cannot finacially attend the hearing, what do I do about this? Will this negatively impact me? I have fought it up to this point and showed up or all hearings and don't want this to jepordize anything. Third: the last activity on the said cc was 01/09. I believe that this means the SOL is up. Please offer any help on replying...I cannot afford to hire and attorney to attend for me, but I cannot be at the hearing either. HELP!