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  1. Great questions on these posts! The problem is there is not enough information with many of the issues to give a full rounded answer. I am fully aware that you'll don't know what information is needed. Ill cover some collection info to provide a comprehensive view of how collections work. Most see the collection account comes from the original company, how did it get there? You took out a loan at the original creditor who said you qualify for the loan. You defaulted on the loan by being late, the first late SETS the Statutes of limitations while each state has its own time set to determine whe
  2. You say no and then you say in some states, which is the right answer? Also, don't only focus on statues and legalese broaden your mind into contract law, law of adhesion and invisible contracts and don't forget tacit acquiescence. If you don't do your homework, you will always say no to my research and study ha haha. This stuff is not limited to what we know, it goes way back into fiat and thats another topic but you can't be limited and ready to judge without study first.
  3. Anybody that runs into this situation should do a pay for delete. If and when you pay the collections agency, your credit score will drop very fast because it brings the collection account current along with allllll bad data. Negotiate for the pay for deletion or eradicate all late pays and make it paid as agreed. Before you pay what was negotiated, get it in writing and use a money order because they might take the whole amount. The note you get , is evidence on letter head.
  4. You must use those cards or they will close them. They need an incentive to keep reporting your credit monthly but no activity. They have to keep thinking of you monthly doing nothing and not making money off your credit worthiness. Just don't use cash, use the cards evenly and pay them off with cash monthly. Each month your credit will get stronger and you'll get perks from your cards by doing so. Apply for a card with frequent flyer miles and use it to a a free trip around the would by using your card monthly. Its a game!
  5. Collections sell PAPER and win because of ignorance. Check the laws in your state and make sure statue of limitations has not has not passed and you think you still owe that debt though it could me yours. No court can make you pay a debt out side of SOL, but they will if your don't know your laws. The SOL starts on your first late pay if you made a payment. If you never made a payment then the day the account opened is the year to start your count. If you open an account in 2006 and you pay late in may 2017... thats when you start counting the years. If statue of limitations in you state is 5
  6. They are using a system called metro 2, look itup. They OCR your dispute and convert it into a 2 digit code and compare it to the furnishers computer and thats what they call verified. Thats not an investigation ha ha ha. Needs help let me know... i get passed this scam they do to us. They have a computer that opens your letter and reads it, it also does the investigation (so Called).
  7. Don't apply for major cards, go for online merchant accounts non visa and master charge. Start by getting 2 or three. Fingerhut, online jewelry and secured credit cards where only your money is at risk and they make money off you for using your money. 6 months of that builds your credit. Its called credit utilization. They need to see you move money but don't go over 20 percent because that knocks your score down. Keep balances down, that 30% of your score. Anybody want to see the score move, mess with the balance and miss a payment. (30) day.Payment history is 35% of your score. Anybody that
  8. Dispute pacer, Innovis and Lexis nexis this is how the major bureaus get you verified.... its through them and its not lawful. But because people have a hard time believing , they capitalize on the secret that you don't know. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, thats called a law maxim.
  9. Hint: They are not supposed to certify facts from a third party guys... think think think, stop expecting answers and think. Its here say not coming from the original. Thats not evidence of truth from a THIRD party. It has to come from the court and that will NOT happen. Credit bureaus are third party for profit, and not a government agency.... Think Tank harder and study.
  10. Incorrect, Lexis Nexis is a credit bureau but not considered major. Nexis Lexis is governed by FTC, FCRA, and all the rest. They are contracted with the bureaus to supply info at a cost they can be in the game. The court does NOT supply info to third party agencies and the info the bureaus report is illegal but if you DONT know facts and laws, they beat you up. ha ha ha, don't just say anything with out facts because you get others in trouble.
  11. Call them and ask where the opt out form in, its on there website. You should also dispute lexisnexis, thats where they get there info. Suppress sage stream and pacer repositories as well. Have Lexis Nexis send your reports to you, they have your financial and public info as well. Sage Stream has your inquiries. Your private info is being sold.... the bureaus customer are the brokers, loan officers banks etc they are subscribed to the bureaus and you are the product they they need your credit bad for making money off high interest rates.
  12. 1. Opt out of LexisNexis 2. Dispute the Bankruptcy wait for a response. (If they say they verify 3. Go to the court where you filed and ask do they give information to credit agencies or third parties? They will say no, ask them to put that in writing.(they will gladly do that. 4. Second letter to credit agencies, please provide documents on how this was verified. The court does not provide data to 3rd parties see attached letter. Do this in your own language as I'm not an attorney, this is for entertainment only. Tell them to delete this immediately. Bankruptcies and all other debt can only b