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  1. THANK YOU !!! I have gotten GREAT information here. I found out about Credit Sesame and Quizzle (saves me some cash).. I did note one other issue. My mortgage company was GMAC and they converted to Qcwen. when they did that they closed my old mortgage account put it at $ 0 balance and it is listed as a negative account because a had a few lates a few years ago. They (Ocwen) then opened up a new account and another trade line for the same account and it is listed as paid as agreed. What in the heck do I do with that !!!!. I have the same mortgage reporting negative and positive accounts under two separate trade lines. is this dragging my score down and how do I tackle that issue.
  2. Thank you very much for your input. I really means a lot to me. I have been battling my credit for more than 20 years. Now that I do see light at the end of the tunnel, it is very deflating when an old debt rears up and smacks you in the face. I am concerned about corresponding with any collection agency for fear that they try and reset the clock on the SOL. Is this possible if I try and dispute the amount. ? the way I see it is a collection account is just that and it will effect me on when I try and refinance my home ( early 2016) . If it is there I will HAVE TO SETTLE with them. ONE more question. Recently I bought a car and while they were trying to get me financing they ran my information through a host of different banks. As a result I got 25 credit inquiries. How do I get them off of there. I recently read that they are only to be counted once for the loan...25 is EXTREME. Any suggestions ??
  3. Recently I discovered that midland funding bought an OLD debt that the SOL ran out. In PA it is 4 years. Midland HAS NOT contacted me HOWEVER they: 1. Re-aged the date of charge off from Sept 08 I was smart and kept a copy of my credit report from 2011 (HBC charge off date) to a new date that they called date opened 3-22-2010. essentially they just put this on my credit report until 3-2017 when it should go off in sept 2015. 2. the original amount was for 11 grand but they inflated it to 25 grand. 3. The Statue of limitations in PA is 4 years, therefore it expired and cannot be collected as of September 2012. Can someone please advise what first steps I can take. I do not want to kick a sleeping lion. Should I let it go until the real drop off date is supposed to drop off.