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  1. I am being sued by Unifund in california. I received a summons stating I was being sued for 5600. A couple of weeks later they sent me a letter stating I owed them 8500. Is this legal or can I get the case dismissed?r

  2. Thank you, the sol is 4 years. Should I just deny all of admissions? Also, they have sent me a statement from 2011 stating I owe 5,000+. I have not received any statements for years and have not heard from any collectors until recently.
  3. Hello, I am being sued by the law firm Kenosian & Meile on behalf of Unifund. I received a summons and I recently answered with a proof of service. I just received the following documents; PLAINTIFFS REQUEST FOR PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS, SET ONE REQUESTS FOR ADMISSIONS Unfortunately after keeping my records for six years I finally destroyed all of them. Also, I threw away all correspondence with Kenosian because I thought it was a scam. I don't know what I should admit to. 1. Admit you applied for a credit card from Citibank 2. Admit you received a credit card 3. Admit you made paymen