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  1. good idea on the malpractice and something to definitely think about! His 2011 surgery was in September, so there would be time. Thank you for your other ideas as well!
  2. I don't know what those initials mean...but we got it from the county courthouse via process server.
  3. he accepted both--Blue cross and medicare assignment. Thank you debtzapper, we are going to consult with the lawyer you mentioned.
  4. Clydesmom, you are correct. We just lose again......all the way around. thank you for your help
  5. I have everything...all EOBs, a record of my conversations with the doctor's office, insurance company and emails and recorded conversation with our attorney that quit. The doctor was under contract with the insurance and medicare and billed them for two followup visits in 11-12 and was paid for his services. He was greedy and did not bill the insurance for the 2 surgeries because he wanted to make more money--if he would have billed them, he would have gotten paid the insurance negotiated amount. Sure it sucks, but he agreed to do it. So, because my husband is disabled and unable to maneuver the medical billing and I have been ill, that lack of billing the insurance company slipped by me and now we are left holding the bag. We got served today and have 20 days to respond. No one from legal aid, Legal action of WI, or Marquette Law School will help us. It is so frustrating that we spent 8 years surviving and not filing BK only to get a meager settlement and then have to file. I am worried that they will take the small amount that we got and worried that they will take our home and one car. This has been a most trying day for me and I can't seem to stop crying. It is like we were hit by a car, left on the side of the road bleeding and someone comes up and picks our pockets........and we are still bleeding.
  6. You are all so sweet. I really appreciate your kindness. You don't know me from Adam and yet you are so willing to help me. Thank you
  7. Thank you so much, Clydesmom. Your advice is both sound and wise. I appreciate much of the suggestions here.
  8. I don't have any complaint from the courthouse. As I mentioned in the beginning, all i got was something from a lawyer offering his BK services and attached a copy of the court docs. We have not been served yet, but from what i learned from others here is that it can take a couple of weeks. So i am nervously waiting to hear. Piano Lady--thank you for those suggestions!
  9. well, i hope i am never served.......but if we are, we have to have a plan of action.
  10. yes, three lawyers sent us their info, but no i have yet to be formally served.
  11. You know, this is just too much to handle--we have dealt with this mess for 8 years, and then get slapped with this ridiculous lawsuit on Friday, the same day that my 34 year old nephew dies of a heart attack. I feel as if I am going to go crazy
  12. thank you for that suggestion too! We will do that!