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  1. The Defendant's Opposition to Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Disposition and the Trial Brief with Counterclaim are two separate docs. The trial brief thing is an order of the court, not necessarily the rules of civil procedure(?). Have not sent any requests for POD. ROGS or RFA's. Perhaps you could help me with drafting these? No additional requests from them for anything.
  2. I was also confused, I thought he had to judge one way or another. He just left it hanging.I have not received court papers with new orders yet.
  3. OK I admit I really don't know what I'm doing, but I am not a total idiot. I am also poor and the attorneys I did call, basically told me this was not worth their time. I called Legal Aide numerous times, left messages to call back, but they don't. While waiting for help, time was running out to get these papers done. I did the best I could. Do Not say I didn't do any research on my own, or that I simply cut and pasted stuff--I have spent endless hours trying to put my answers together. When I found a reference to a case law, I did look it up to see if it applied to my situation. I looked up c
  4. OK. Now I'm really scared because I may have totally screwed my whole case. I really hope I can fix this mess. I have called a couple of Attorneys and am waiting to hear back. I have not sent my trial brief to the Plaintiff yet because I have not been able to get to the post office before they close. I will mail it tomorrow. I wish I could get the one back I filed at the court .Should I or can I wait until I hear back from a Lawyer?
  5. Did I do something wrong? Am I not supposed to use anything posted on here?
  6. Thanks for the heads-up. I thought I had removed my info. I redacted it, but I can't do anything about the number of times it has already been downloaded. Thanks for the links--I will look into them.
  7. I have enclosed attachments of my answer to MSD and trial brief which includes my answer to complaint and counterclaim. I filed the trial brief today, even though I didn't have to. Previously, I had asked the judge if I could, and he said I could file anything I want to include in my case so that there is a record of it in my file. DEFENDANT's trial brief.docx DEFENDANT's answer to MSD (1).docx
  8. Thank you. I tried, but I am overwhelmed by how much I don't know, or could even begin to understand.
  9. Went to court, another lawyer substituted for the Attorney who filed the case and the MSD. He spoke to me a few minutes before the hearing to find out if I would be willing to settle. He offered a settlement for $200 less than the original amount. I said no, so we went into court. I explained to the judge that I did not receive the MSD until 5/27, and I had prepared an answer but did not have time to file it by 6/2 (per rules of procedure, it had to be filed 7 days prior to hearing). He asked if I had it with me--I handed it to him. He said that what I had prepared was much more involved than
  10. I do not understand most of what you said. Plain english would be good and some kind of order to what you are saying. You are all over the place. Just saying........
  11. I have lost much sleep and a chunk of my life writing my objection to the MSD and trial brief. I was pretty confident with what I had done and thought it was well written. Then I read your post and now I am scared half to death because you make it sound like it won't matter because the Plaintiff can get away with anything. You make it sound as if I'm beaten before I walk into the courtroom--so why bother.
  12. This is a Judicial District Court. The witness lists have to be exchanged 7 days prior to trial. I cannot afford an attorney. I have contacted several and they all say that their fees would be more than I am being sued for. This is my understanding of the Hearsay rule; Under MRE 803(6), a record of regularly conducted business activity is exempted from the hearsay rule, but the business practices under which the business record is produced must be shown by the testimony of the custodian or other qualified witness, or by certification that complies with the rule promulgated by the s
  13. Where do I find BMC's thread? I do not see it pinned at the top of this forum