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  1. That's proably some good news. Although I defaulted in 2013 which was the same year Chase stopped their collection activities. I don't know if that would have any effect on this or not.
  2. I had it set to 10 rather than 12. The only Century font I have is Century Schoolbook L and it takes a bit more paper than Arial at the same size. Just a few lines more. The court clerk actually thought that a lawyer had done my answer. It probably would not have passed the same muster if it had gone before the Justice however.
  3. I am not on Face Book and I have zero intentions of ever getting on it. I do have a linkedin account that I hardly ever use though.
  4. I was just wondering as I have a small debt with them that's about $530. I heard that Chase got into some big legal troubles with California over how they were handling credit card lawsuits. Apparently as a result Chase dropped all lawsuits and stop filing new ones back in 2013. Also it looks like they stopped selling to JDB's around that time as well. The last I heard of my debt was last year in the summer when Chased changed debt collecting agencies yet again. The new collection agency had started sending me collection notices and then all of a sudden they stopped. I haven't heard anything s
  5. This will be the last update. I made my last payment two weeks ago and obtained images of the cashed money orders from the financial institution that issued them. The plaitiff's attorney apparently filed the settlement agreement with the court on either Thursday or Friday of last week. My pre-trial conference was scheduled for today, however the court clerks took it off the calander this morning. They informed me that I did not need to make an appearance as they have the settlement agreement on file. As a result this is officially over. I'll be keeping the case records just in case PRA decides
  6. Here's a tactic I found on a divorce website that concerns CM refusals. You send the DV via CMRR anyway with a copy via regular mail. You note this in the letter headers along with the CM tracking number to make it very hard to claim that what was in the envelope was not what you claimed you sent. If the CM is refused then do what WhoCares1000 says. Same goes for the regular mail DV if they return it unopened. If they do accept the regular mail DV, then you still have some proof that they got it from the rejected CM DV original as it will show that you sent it both ways. Always be sure to keep
  7. Just a quick update. Since sending my disclosure statement to BHLM and second payment for the settlement agreement, I have not heard anything from them since. I am assuming that since the lawsuit is now in the discovery phase and there is no default judgement to try and get for the time being, they are just waiting for me to make the third and final payment or default on the agreement. I'll be making the final payment soon and that should close out this mess.
  8. Thanks. This posting clears up a lot of my confusion.
  9. @oreobloopca If you are going to settle, you may have a couple of routes available to you. Does the court you are in do settlements via mediation? If so then it might be best to wait for the trial and ask to settle via mediation. The other route is to contact the JDB's attorney's and negotiate with them a settlement. Don't contact the JDB. Just make it clear to them that you will not accept a verbal settlement and that they will have to send you a settlement agrreement in writing in the mail. Anything you mail them should be CMRR with the CM tracking number referenced on what was mailed. Ju
  10. I decided to change the topic of this thread so it can serve as a repository of links to university legal clinics.
  11. At one point I have read all of the rules. However I don't have them all memorized. I do go back and refer to them though. It's kind of ironic in this case that I had overlooked the requirements when I did refer back to rule 121 when I had started my disclosure statement. Doh! Anyway I decided to remove two of the extra items that are not required in order to eliminate a page.
  12. For those of you that live in the Phoenix area and are looking for legal help might find this of use. They appear to do consultations and court room representation by volunteer student lawyers. http://www.azlawhelp.org/resourceprofile.cfm?id=14
  13. Here I don't have DSL. It's a Cox cable connection through wifi. Sometimes Cox has outages that suck. Lately though it's been the wifi that has been a problem. I live in an apartment complex and the wifi has gotten crowded making wifi a challenge to use.
  14. Ok, but it's still not complete. I still need to have something for these two: THE FACTUAL BASIS DEFENSE ASSERTED. For this one, can I put in the same stuff I used for my defenses in my answer? LEGAL THEORIES UPON WHICH DEFENSE IS BASED As for this one, I have no idea of what to put in at all. I saw in someone else's thread that AZPianoLady has a disclosure statement I can look at. I think I'll go have a look at it.