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  1. Thank you debtzapper! There is some great info in that thread. I mailed their attorney a "Notice of Arbitration Election" letter and a "Demand for Arbitration before JAMS" today. I overnighted it since our first court hearing is on Tuesday. I also put together a "Motion to Compel Private/Contractual Arbitration and Dismiss or in the Alternative, to Stay Proceedings Pending Arbitration". My wife is going to have it notarized tomorrow and then I will take it down to the courthouse and file it. Hopefully the judge will send this to JAMS! Thanks so much for the help so far everyone. I woul
  2. I actually found the original card holder agreement and it says; The parties acknowledge that they have a right to litigate claims through a court before a judge or jury, but will not have that right if either party elects arbitration. The parties hereby knowingly and voluntarily waive their rights to litigate such claims in a court before a judge or jury upon election of arbitration by either party. You may contact, obtain the arbitration rules of, or file a claim with NAF, AAA, or JAMS as follows; It goes on to list addresses for the arbitrators. So my question is this. Does this mean we
  3. I should probably add that we have had ZERO contact with Portfolio Recovery. We have not answered any of their calls or responded to any of their letters. thanks, --InDebtinFL
  4. Hi All, My wife is being sued in FL by Prortfolio Recovery Associates LLC. She received a summons to appear for a pre-trial conference next week. This is in small claims court in Pinellas county, FL. We are being sued for about $1,400. My wife is required to appear next Tuesday and the summons says; The purpose of the pre-trial conference is to record your appearance, to determine the nature of the case, and to set the case for trial if the case cannot be resolved at the pre-trial conference. It also states that she may be ordered to mediation at the pre-trial conference. The origina