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  1. ok. i really appreciate it. i am going to file a complaint and i definitely want to speak to an attorney. why? not because of money. because what if i was killed on the way down there. i had to rearrange my scedule and ask for a ride which affected 2 other people... what if someone was in some accident because of something that wasn't even "real"... i had to take a cab home and spent countless hours responding with an "answer" to a debt i have NO idea is even mine. ;( so angry about it. and worst of all i can barely walk because of a surgery and what if i was worse off? what if this was some old 90 yr old? they should not get away with this and i hope i can do something.

  2. ok after reading that [thanks so much @RyanEX] I am going to file a suit on them. Is there anyone here who can help/guide me to what i need to do? i will research this and try my best to sift through this but i'm definitely going to make sure they didn't do that with no reprocussions and i did read something where i can collect money from them for doing something like this. it's not about the money to me but that was really horrible what they did.

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  3. thanks for the information. they absoulutely "faked" a summons. and i don't like the fact the clerk of the court was on the phone with them giving "any" information about me although the clerk was just trying to figure out why they couldn't find a case number or my name anywhere for court that day.


    also what can i do now? sue them for serving me a false summons? i'd about like to do it. what if i would of been in some car accident or caused someone else who was giving me a ride there any harm just because of a "false" summons? that is going way to far imo.


    i want to be pro active at this point and do something. i think it's VERY wrong what they did to me.


    does anyone have any suggestions on what i can do?

  4. i did show up yesterday [the court date written on the summons]. but the thing is it was not a "real" summons because they never filed a case against me with the court. when i went there the clerk of the court coud not find my "name" anywhere and so the clerk called the attorney. the attorney told the clerk to have me call them. it was a false summons. so i guess i don't file answer if there is no summons?


    i feel that making someone get out of bed and travel to a place for no reason other than a scare tatic is going way to far and i feel it's harassment. i should be sueing them. i'm pretty sure this is illegal.


    and btw i did call the clerk after i left. just to make sure everything was correct and they were not trying pulling some trick to win a judgement. but the clerk i spoke to couldn't find me in the court system anywhere.


    and just for the record... this so called "summons" was left on a door a long longer than 2 weeks ago.


    what do i do now? any suggestions?

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  5. ok i re-read my post.... let me correct and explain... they served this summons to me some time ago [left it on a door]... it explained i had to respond or go to court today and give my response to the court.... there is no case number.... the clerk could not find me in the system and called the attorney who said they didn't file the suit against me and asked the clerk to have me call them.

  6. I hope someone can help me. I have researched through this site and many many other resources. The law is extremly difficult to interpret. I was served a faulty summons by Midland Funding today. I went to court with a prepared Answer and found out they never filed a case. I then spoke to someone at the attorney's office who claimed they were "trying to help me" and kept asking me questions I refused to answer because I felt they are so unethical I didn't not want to provide them with any information. I had to get a ride to court today and spent hours preparing my "answer". Had to take a cab home too. Is a faulty summons "illegal"? I spoke to someone at the attorney's office yesterday. I did not claim the debt and told them I need more information. I asked if the debt happened to be mine how much they needed to settle the debt... regardless the number they qouted they also informed me they would be in court to obtain a judgment asgainst me today. This seems highly unethcial but I realize that doen't have to do anything with "the law". What is the law surrounding this kind of scare tatic?

  7. Can you take a look at the completed Answer Under Simplified Civil Procedure form that I have attached?

    In the box stating "Attorney or Party Without Attorney (Name and Address): - Do I put my info or the Plaintiff's attorney?

    The only other line I completed is #1 - I have left all others blank


    I appreciate your help!

    i have a similar situation and similar questions so i'm following this thread. you mention you attached a  completed "Answer Under Simplified Civil Procedure that i have attached".... am i missing something in this thread where people attached documents? i can't see or find this?

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