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  1. Just looking around on this thread...Great job OP! I too had PRA cases dismissed but none as exciting as this one! I just had to quote this from @fisthardcheese this was fantastic! you had me giddy with excitement at sticking it to them hahah!!! Great job team! I love to hear successes as well. I only wish everyone out there knew about this lovely forum!
  2. Hi all! Here's my starting info.... 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? No suit yet.....Just received a letter from Financial Recover Services, LLC (bought debt from Cach LLC who bought from Clout Visa, who bought from MBNA) But the letter starts "Please be adviced that Cach, LLC the current creditor-debt purchaser has purchased the account referenced above and it has placed it with our office for collection" blah blah typical stuff after that. Trying to seek payment Trying to collect $800 I live in Boone County KY The last time account was paid on was 8/4/12 I'm not sure on SOL of the debt. Everything i'm reading says KY is between 5 and 15 years. If its 5, they can't sue...but can still try to collect...but I can't find anything that will 100% define SOL for my lovely state. I have not disputed the debt with the credit bureaus (both the original creditor and the collection agency?) And I just received this today so I haven't sent them a DV letter yet either..... They are giving me 30 days to pay one of the settlements listed below or they say they will take further action. Cach LLC tried to sue me about 2 years ago now, but it was dismissed because they filed in wrong jurisdiction, but never re-filed in Kentucky. I was thinking of sending a DV letter and I also know arbitration is an option through JAMS, and thats often a popular one, expecially with a low amount owed. I was hoping to get some guidance once again from you all!! **Side note SUCCESS** with the help of some pretty awesome people on here I've gotten 2 cases dismissed, 1 with prejudice and removed from the collections portion of my CR. I had one late payment that happened last fall when my husband and I missed it while merging bank accounts removed by a goodwill letter to my car lender (perfect payment history for the last 6 years on it now and one more payment and its paid off!!) and I disputed a collection through the 3 CR bureaus and had a collection from a cable company removed b/c I paid it years ago and they didn't have documentation that I didn't. So I've worked hard to clean my credit up. The CO's are still on my report, but they're at the youngest 5 years old at this point. and my credit score *knock on wood* is right at 700. Finally looking at getting a house...so this stinking thing is the last thing I need. Any advice on Kentucky SOL experience with CC debt, Sending a DV if it is in fact out of SOL, or if I should just file with JAMS now and halt all process....would be helpful! Thanks everyone in advance!!
  3. I was sued by PRA representing Sychrony bank the last few years. I had 2 accounts as well. One I fought in court with MTC arbitration through JAMS and the lawyer PRA sent to represent told me if I dropped the JAMS filing they would dismiss with prejudice!! WIN!!! The second one I filed a MTC arbitration with JAMS with the Court and PRA never responded, so the judge dismissed it due to inactivity on the plaintiffs part. WIN!! I didn't see where you put the amounts, but mine weren't more than $1200 for the highest and they didn't want to go that route. There's lots of great advice on here! Definitely take it!! I would start with the DV letter, and go from there just like @firsthardcheese was saying! Good luck! Keep us updated! everyone here is here to help!
  4. I know this is not directly related to the topic..but what do youbdo if youbchallenge something withbexperian, it's removed but then I challenge it withbtrans union and they verify it should be there and don't remove it? Any suggestions? Try with Equifax next?
  5. Anyone have thoughts on who to contact when wanting to ask for goodwill adjustment for one late payment? Planning in paying the rest of my car loan off early...and would like 1 late payment from Oct last year removed if they would...
  6. I have something similar with time warner. Only its with collections and showing on my account. Should I call time warner and see if I can pay it through them? then the collection would be invalid b/c its been paid? If they don't let me pay it through them, try a pay for delete with the collection agency for time waner? thanks in advance for advice
  7. Judge dismissed it, without prejudice, and I'm guessing PRA gave up, because its been removed from my collections section on my credit report!
  8. I was hoping someone might be able to read my goodwill letter and let me know what they think. I have been working on reparing my credit score, and one of my bad marks is 1 missed payment, from October 2016. I have had the account since Aug 2010 and have not had any payments 30+ days past due except this one. I welcome anyone to read my letter and give me feedback. Also, is there someone specific I should be addressing it to? I got the template from the CIC website, but have changed a few things on it... Thanks! Dear Madam/Sir, I am writing to you today regarding my account #XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. The purpose of my correspondence is to see if you would be willing to make a "goodwill" adjustment on the reporting of this account to the three credit agencies. During the time that I have had this account I have been very happy with the service. I obtained this loan from your company in August of 2010. This loan from you was the first loan I was able to qualify for on my own! I bought a car that I had researched thoroughly and I still to this day love. I was so proud of myself in obtaining this all on my own I definitely didn’t want to screw it up. This loan has seen me through a layoff in a job that I absolutely loved, a huge pay cut at another job, and now 3 promotions in my new career. I did my best through it all to make sure first and foremost I didn’t let your Credit Union down for trusting me with a car loan. I was however was not the ideal customer and made mistake in October of 2016 with my handling of my payment for the account. I was married in July of 2016 and my husband and I were in the process of merging our accounts. Because I live in Northern Kentucky, worked night shift 6 PM to 6 AM Monday through Friday and the most accessible location to drop of payment is at least a 25-minute car ride one way, I had been paying my account electronically. When we merged our bank accounts to one, this payment was missed and over 30 days past due. I didn’t realize it until we went to pay the following month and paid both payments at that time. I should have kept better records regarding the account and I take full responsibility. I know that an on-time payment was my responsibility and I am not attempting to justify this breach of my user agreement. I was however hoping you might review the circumstances under which this non-payment occurred and consider removing the negative trade line associated with this account from my three credit reports. I have had the loan from your Credit Union beginning in August of 2010 and this is the only instance of a 30+ day past due payment. As soon as I became aware of the balance owed, I paid the missed payment. I provide this not to justify why the account was unpaid, but rather to show that the missed payment is not a good indicator of my actual credit worthiness. I hope that XXXXXXX is willing to work with me on erasing this mark from my credit reports. I would like to stress the fact the information currently being reported is accurate. I am simply asking XXXXXX for a courtesy gesture of goodwill in having the credit bureaus remove this negative mark on this account from my report. I do recognize that this request is unique and that it may not be your normal policy. However, I appreciate any consideration you have in this matter.
  9. Thanks for the info. Hopefully the judge dismisses it...however your'e right, shouldn't hold my breath. I believe I filed MTC last spring/summer when this all started and then was never followed up with a decision or hearing date. I got married last july and it all just got lost in the mix on following up on my end with the court. I hadn't heard anything and kept forgetting to check being on night shift. I"ll have to get my file back out but i'm 99% sure I already filed my MTC. I guess we'll see what they say. thanks!
  10. I hadn't gotten around to getting with the courts yet...I finally after 16 months am back on a dayshift schedule. THANK GOODNESS!! However, I did just receive a notice for dismiss for lack of prosecution for my case...here's what it says... notice is hereby given to the parties listed below that no pretrial step has been taken in this action within the last year and the case will be dismissed in 30 days for want of prosecution unless there is filed in the record prior thereto a pleading, with affidavit, showing good cause why no steps have been taken of record fro more than one year. The court will enter an order dismissing without prejudice each case in which no answer or an insufficient answer to this notice is made. so...that's a win right? Its now out of SOL as far as suing me for it. Thoughts? Thanks!
  11. This one they can't collect on really. it's past SOL and a $1200 amount. so much for all that work. I feel like poop now.
  12. We did pre apply today. bummer. I will try a good will ketter...worst they can say is no 😀
  13. I am wanting to get a mortgage soon with my husband. We are in the process of getting rid of some of our derogatory marks--as we all are! I am finding a few I need help with finding out how to get them off the "deragatory" section when they run your report for a mortgage.... 1. Student loans Mine were through dept of education. I have 3 different entries, with different accounts (i only had one loan payment thought) and its showign 1 90 day late payment on them...from 4/12) Then it was transfered to Aspire/DOE and i have 3 entries for those as well....showing multiple 90+ days late back in 2013. It is now with Great lakes services which is not deragatory and I have paid on time and more every month..yay me! Question is what if anything can Ido about the other TL's in there probably bringing my score down? 2. are two TL's from Synch bank for two separate accounts that both say "sold to another lender". The "other lender" is PRA...which I have had one lawsuit dismissed with prejudice and working on the second one (thats still showing up in collections) Anyone have any thoughts on if its possible to get these off the derogatory section? There are a few others but i'm woking on another thread on those so I won't clog up this one on here. My husband has a mark on the report from Eagle Financial Services. Anyone have any experience with them? He's not 100% sure what that even is. Getting ready to pull our CR tonight/this weekend, comb through them and see what I can get accomplished by disputing some. Any thoughts/experiences are welcome! Thanks
  14. @fisthardcheese Thanks so much for the feedback and advice! I did have 2 accounts with PRA in collections, and one with Cache LLC. I also have one with ERC for an old cable bill that I thought I paid but its 3 years old and have no records I did at this point. One account with PRA was dismissed with prejudice by the lawyer when it got sent to mediation. She didn't even want to fool with it. We settled in the waiting line for mediation. It was an amazing moment. The other PRA one I haven't been to court for. Back in the spring, I filed for arbitration with JAMS, but hadn't started the process officially with JAMS....and its been a while. I sent my reply to the courts and to PRA but never heard anything back from either. I need to go back through and find the info for that case so I can call and see where it stands. And go from there. Its my last CC in collections, if I can get that removed (its also now past SOL...way to wait PRA haha) then it should boost my credit a bunch. Cache LLC never filed anything with the courts, I got a letter trying to collect, but at the bottom it had something about it was past legal time to collect but they were trying anyway.....right, i'm not gonna bite. Once I got that letter from them, it was off my collections. I read in a post on this board I Think you had posted on, about ERC. I think i'll go ahead and dispute that with the CRA to get it removed. I had a tough day today. I went to our bank to get pre-approved for a home loan-my husband and I. My mistake-I have been monitoring my credit on Credit Karma. Over a month ago it was over 700, so I was pumped. I had one late payemnt on my car loan just hit my CR (i'm gonna send a good faith letter seeing as its my only late payment in 4 years with them) and see if I can get that removed, and last month we bought some stuff on a cc, trying to build some credit back up for my husband, I just paid it off in full today, so it should go back up again, but saw a drop right before I go in to get pre-approved. UGH. we have very little debt and own our home 100% My husband would get approved by credit score, but he makes very little, my credit score needs work but I make enough. So i'm frustrated. feeling defeated. We are ready to start our family and in our mid to late 30's aren't getting younger. Just when we think we're ahead... Sorry to vent. Its just frustrating! This board gives me hope though. I got a paper of the bad marks to try to get removed, so i'm going to work on those. Some of them are older, and from accounts taht have been charged off, showing late payements etc....I dont know if there's much I can do about those. Been looking through the boards for help. Thanks again for the feedback, and i'll keep trudging along one letter at a time
  15. This makes me happy! I have an old cable bill for about $150 that I swear I paid but is now in collections with ERC. Looks like I need to dispute that with the CRAs immediate! Did you do a CMRR letter or online disputing?
  16. Hey gang- I was hoping for a bit more of quick advice. This may be the wrong place but since you've all been along with me this long I figured I'd ask here first. The one PRA account that is still on my collections, I replied demanding arbitration to the courts. but no ruling was made as far as I know. i should probably call the county court tomorrow to find out for sure. But if its been in the courts this long without activity, I wonder if I need to for sure go ahead and initiate arbitration, maybe that will scare PRA into deleting the collections? What do you all think? Also, I am going to be sending letters to all three CRA. I want to dispute my one collection of a cable bill for $160 and see if I can get that removed. I am 99% sure I had already paid that. I also have a CC that was opened apparently in March. I applied for a line of credit with a large retailer b/c we were needing a new air conditioner. I didn't qualify for a high enough amount so I told them I did not want to move forward. They apparently sent me a cc anyway. I never received it, its never been active, and it was just closed due to inactivity, thus dropping my Credit Score. I am a month or two away from applying for a serious home loan and want to get it removed. Is it okay to list multiple errors in the same letter to CRA's? Thanks! Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!
  17. I just wanted to update you all...the one I got dismissed I never did anything else with and it disappeared from my collections section. I had another on there from Cache LLC that is gone too. I currently have 2 more bad marks left. One PRA account that is past SOL and I filed with earlier this year and never heard anything back from the courts....I should probably check on that....I got all caught up with the wedding and everything. I also have like $168 old cable bill that I swear I paid....but thinking I could just do a pfd to get it off....it's not much $. But I may try to dispute it first see where that gets me 😀 My credit score is getting much better 700+ and my now husbands has gone from 595 to 700+. Definitely headed in the correct direction. Thanks for everyone's help! Just a few more to clean up. So thrilled!
  18. Thanks! it was great! Kim1225 hope you got it all worked out!
  19. Sorry gang...we are getting married next week and have been bustle with planning. This board has been amazing and so helpful at fighting stuff like this. We didn't do anything with any of the info after Huntington said it was invalid account number. We never got another letter or call. And it's not on my fiance's credit report. They are trying to scare (scam) you out of money.
  20. I just dealt with this in kentucky. Same OC same collection agency. I filed a motion to compel arbitration...judge for some reason ordered mediation anyway...went to mediation and the other lawyer dropped it with prejudice as long as I would call JAMS off. Look into that route..it costs them somewhere around $2k to file with JAMS on their end...for $500 not worth it to them.
  21. Thanks everybody! So now that I've wanted is there any way to get the collections portion off of the collections part of my CR?
  22. Best news ever! Got to the mediation today and while waiting for this couple to stop arguing about the other couples son shooting their window with a bb gun. When the guy started talking ballistics a lawyer there asked who I was. She was representing PRS. She asked if I wanted to settle it while we were waiting....I said we could talk about it. We went I to the hall and she said she was prepared to dismiss everything! I only had 2 hrs of sleep because my schedule got changed and I had to work last night. So I totally didn't think to dismiss with prejudice. Lucky for me the other lawyer was on it and she agreed to dismiss with prejudice as long as I dropped JAMS. Win for me! And I just realized that I forgot to ask when my hearing is for my other summons I got about a month ago......I never got any correspondence as to when I am to be there for that. So I am super excited that one was dismissed and with prejudice! The SOL on it is this coming November! Makes me have more motivation to submit my jams paperwork for that one now. Hopefully scare them away again! Thanks for all your help!
  23. They are suing for more than the charge off amount. It says no where that I am paying off interest after the charge off amount.
  24. I might. Stupid me I think accidently threw it out with some other receipts. I will check with them again.
  25. So...it wasn't the same judge I have had the last few times I have been. This judge didn't even think JAMS dealt with these cases anymore and for such a small amount as PRA is claiming. So the fact I hadn't heard anything meant maybe that they weren't doing them anymore...according to the judge. The lawyer that was there representing PRA that probably got the case this morning said I didn't state I wanted it with Jams...which I did in the 2nd bullet point of my response AND the seperate paper along with my response electing arbitration. My check I sent has not been cashed. I had cmrr...but I admittedly lost the stupid little green piece of paper....and have gotten nowhere today when I tried to call JAMS. The judge set a mediation date for March 23. Said he had been getting quote a few motion for arbitration with JAMS lately and was wanting to get to the bottom of it..... So....what do I do now.....
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