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  1. Hi Goody, To the best if my recollection, this debt was indeed paid. With that said, I did not bring any proof with me to my hearing, and I still have not obtained or been able to track down any proof. If I would have had to appeal the decision, I'm sure I would have dedicated a good chunk of time to seeing if there was any way possible for me to dig up said proof. Because I could not find any proof, I'd like to say that I almost find that irrelevant. I think that with any case it's well within your rights to simply ask that the people demanding money from you to prove that you indeed do. Pe
  2. Hello everyone, First off, I'd like to say thank you to the magic of the internet, but also this site in particular. I'm a long-time lurker, and this is my first post. I was brought to court by Velocity Investments, LLC for old, junk, credit card debt. I believe I made some good decisions as well as some bad decisions along the way, and I'd like to share my story here. I found a lot of other people's stories helpful to me in my case, so I feel I should return the favor and write a very detailed account of my case. If I feel I have helped even one person, I'd have done my job here. I ap