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  1. 20 days before the trial, fill out a Subpoena and have it stamped by the court clerk and then have the Sheriff Dept in the county where the address is listed attempt service. If the Sheriff in the county does not offer Subpoena service for Civil cases, then use a process server, or have a friend or relative attempt service. Be sure the server knows that service needs to be to the witness ONLY. It's the law. Have them attempt service 3 times on different days at different times. The witness will most likely not be there. If service is unsuccessful (which is very likely), then you can submit
  2. vondutch0481, Have you read ASTMedic's topic: How I beat Midland in California? If not, you really should. You would find that the next step is: "subpoena the witness that is listed on the CCP 98 at the closest address to the court. The reason for this is that 99% of the time that person isn't going to be available for personal service there. Notice I say personal service, per CCP 1987(a) the service of a subpoena must not be in care of. It has to be to the witness. DO NOT let the JDB try and side step this. (Edit 6/25/13 - there is now Cali case law about the CCP 98 service. Calawyer poste
  3. Listen, I am not a lawyer and I am not an expert, by any means, but I've been reading this forum for over a year, and now that I have also had some experience in these matters, I feel compelled to make a few observations about (what seems to me to be) the general strategy that JDBs (junk debt buyers) use, at least in California. 1st – The JDBs depend upon the fact that most defendants are not going to answer the complaint filed against them, which allows the JDB to receive a default judgement, winning the case, and allowing the JDB to then proceed to garnishing the defendant's wages. 2nd
  4. Received a check today from Resurgence Legal Group in payment of my costs and pursuant to my Memorandum of Costs. Thanks again to this forum! I wouldn't have known to file an MC-010 if I hadn't read it here. Unfortunately, I can't collect anything for all of the time I spent on this case, but it feels good to at least get back my filing fee.
  5. Seadragon, I wish I could take the credit, however I have to admit that I don't remember whether I borrowed those words directly from something I found on this forum, or if it is a summary of several themes that I found here. I do know that it was not an original idea that I came up with. As a matter of fact, I would have been dead in the water if I had not found this forum. I cannot express how thankful I am for the information and guidance provided by the many committed and caring contributors. I also wanted to post a couple of links that this forum lead me to that I have not seen promote
  6. Be sure to send them your CCP 96 exactly 45 days before the trial. They will almost certainly send you a CCP 98 (affidavit in lieu of live testimony). Be sure to subpoena the witness that is listed on the CCP 98 at the closest address to the court exactly 20 days before trial. In most cases the witness isn't going to be available for personal service there. The address they give must be 150 miles at MAX from the court. If it's further it doesn't follow the code. Fill out a Subpoena and have it stamped by the court clerk and then have the Sheriff Dept in the county where the address is liste
  7. I just came across some helpful info from calawyer on post #306 of Portfolio Recovery / Hunt & Henriques regarding the use of a table of contents and table of authorities that I should have incorporated into my brief, since it was longer than 10 pages. "The rule is that they are required in any brief exceeding 10 pages. Here is the rule: " 2015 California Rules of Court Rule 3.1113. Memorandum (f) Format of longer memorandum A memorandum that exceeds 10 pages must include a table of contents and a table of authorities. A memorandum that ex
  8. Response to Requests for Admission - Redacted.pdf Response to Request for Production of Docs - Redacted.pdf Response to Form Interrogatories - Redacted.pdf Objection to Declaration In Lieu - Redacted.pdf
  9. Let me start by thanking ASTMedic for laying out the guidelines in "How I beat Midland in California" that I basically copied and then updated with the Target v. Rocha info that Calawyer and several others pointed out. Because of what I learned here I was able to get Absolute Resolutions to dismiss their case the morning of the trial. If it had not been for this forum and the many helpful contributors I don't know what I would have done. Now it is my time to give back, so I am attaching redacted copies of the documents that I spent so much time researching and typing up. I hope this will h
  10. Filed my trial brief and objection with the court and sent copies to plaintiff's lawyer last Friday. My trial is this Monday. Today, I received an overnighted settlement letter from Plaintiff's lawyer. The title is SETTLEMENT COMMUNICATION PROTECTED UNDER EVIDENCE CODE 1152. They are offering to dismiss with prejudice, but I have to sign agreement that includes CONFIDENTIALITY, BEAR MY OWN LEGAL FEES, HOLD THEM HARMLESS, ETC., ETC. I am not sure I want to give in to all of these things and also I am concerned about the possibility that another JDB will just sue me next week for the same a