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  1. Lan is awsome i worked with him this year and he will take care of this issue in no time.
  2. I opened my mail box today morning and found a 1099 B of A. It has last years date on it with a not saying cancellation of Debt. How do I go about question the authenticity of this debt? Do I send them a DV letter asking them to prove that this was my debt? I have already disputed the debt with the Experian and I came back “validated” but I have received any collection letter of phone calls from the OC nor have I and JDB contact me. Whats your advice? Can anyone refer me to where I can find some helpful information? Thanks
  3. FYI I WON THIS THING! They droped the case! Thanks you everyones support we put this guys out! Special Thanks to CALawyer, Skippy, Seadragon, and all my other friends.
  4. I would start things of with the BOP as well, you should be able to find Calawyers around here somewhere. Send it out and start working on your Discovery.
  5. @cerulean Did you already file the general denial like you recommended to do? I’m sorry if I missed that somewhere in the post if it was already mentioned but make sure you don’t get caught up with formality and forget the basics. J
  6. Just to make sure im not mistaken can you guys jump over and take look to make sure im correct in this matter? Its for 2012 right? http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=2622
  7. Thats is my point but how do i fight that? Discover? Trail? MSJ?
  8. Nice! I didnt even see that one. I did however notice that in Request No 11 says YOU made your last payment on or about 7-7-11 and Request No 9 Says On or about 2/29/2012, YOU breached the AGREEMENT If i didnt last payment was made on 7/7/11 how did i breach the agreement in 02/29/2012...???
  9. Take Skippys advice on this, i would ask for the 3 things above and wait to see what happens before you ask for anything else. Keep in mind that they are not going to hand over eveything they have to you anyway, so dont wast your time and just make it simple, just in case you have to file a MTC it wont be 7 pages long.
  10. Will a JDB subpoena Bank statmetns from the OC? and if that happens what are the chances of the OC providing them with the Bank account Statments?
  11. (Bump) I just wanted to upload the documents I received with the hope that you guys would be able to help me answer. I can use all the help I can get. Attached includes everything they sent me with the exception of the bank statements. RFA.pdf Bill of Sales and Aff.pdf
  12. Johnny, From what I know with my own personal dealings with FIA is that it is owned by B OF A. It is the collection department of BofA. A few years ago FIA was a separate company that would handle collections for BofA and because they were handling almost only bofa’s collections they were merged together. So from what I understand FIA is BofA no need for them show provide an assignment if it is being transferred to a different department within the same company. I may be wrong but that how I understood things when I did my homework in the matter.
  13. How would he answer Interrogatories and Request of Admission when they are providing documents that support their request? Can he still Object and Deny despite there evidence/exhibits being provided?
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