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  1. Thanks for all of the wonderful advice! I don't mind being thrown under the bus - it's my problem. It is what it is. You've given me alot to think about, now I just need to digest it.
  2. His name is John Doe on the paperwork. But when I got served, the guy asked for his name and I gave it... not my smartest move but I can't take it back now. They sent (2 copies) over: the Summons and an Affidavit. The Summons has my name + John Doe and the Affidavit only has my name.
  3. Sued by: Midland Funding via Target Amount: $5617.36 (charged off with Target at $3500.00) Current state: Arizona I was summoned yesterday and was told that my husband would have to appear in court also (unless he's active duty military). He used to be military and now works as a contractor overseas and I only see him 4 times a year for 1 month at a time. What's going to happen? He's NOT able to come home unless it's within his approved days. This debt was charged off before we married. Does that make a difference? Update: Searching through, I've figured out this answer. It doesn't matter when the debt happened, the state is going after both of us. Also, I'm looking into the Discovery Process. From what I understand, it's asking them to produce documentation that they own the debt. I've heard they rarely have all the needed paperwork and the case gets dropped. Do I ask for this in my answer letter or is that separate? In the event of the case getting dropped... does that mean that the lawsuit is over and I no longer have to pay or just that the lawsuit is dropped? With my husband working overseas, paying this off was our goal come December. I'm not looking to get out of the defaulted loan - just the lawsuit. Thanks in advance!