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  1. The SOL on open ended accounts is 3 yrs. in WA
  2. I would like to know the ins and outs pertaining to discovery in Washington. Can, after filing my OMSJ, then request upon plaintiff discovery? Confused because Assignment of preliminary trial date lists six bulleted items of what court will do. Item 6 states: Enter discovery order and completion dates...what is this saying? Am realizing this whole process is really about procedures. Case in point the copy of rule 56 plaintiff sent me states motions shall be served at least 10 days before the time fixed for hearing but on the web I have found rule 56 that says motions shall be served 28 days before hearing. If the later is true that would explain the re-note for motion docket. Geez my head is swelling.
  3. thanks everyone for the help in this matter. Today in mail received a re-note for motion docket pertaining to summary judgment rescheduled to 8/18/14 which turns out to be same date and time as preliminary trial. Would think the re-note would move preliminary trial date back also but guess not. Intrigues me that the packet for re-note has a declaration of mailing stating on 7/09/14 mailed a copy of calendar note,MSJ,affidavit of service,declaration of military service,POSJ, and DOM but these items aren't there. Should this be a concern or not?
  4. Could anyone tell me in my packet for opposition to summery judgment do I have to resubmit the exhibits of plaintiff in my reply ?
  5. 1.named plaintiff is midland funding llc. 2.law firm handling suit is suttel & hammer 3.Sued for $1440.86 4.original creditor is Capital One 5.was served 6. left with daughter who doesn't live in my home 7.Not sure is service was legal 8.Never corresponded with JDB 9.Kitsap county, Washington 10.Last payment 08/2012 11.SOL is 6 yrs. 12.Status is was served 4/24/14 Answer and affirmative defenses mailed 5/5/14 Trial set for 08/18/14 received motion for summary judgment 07/03/14 Motion Docket on 07/21/14 Need to finish objection to summary judgment 13.Haven't disputed debt with bureaus 14. No debt validation Well here's most of what I have except soldiers and sailors act stuff. Not sure but believe I have until 07/11/14 to reply to MSJ. Have read all post in Washington among many others. Just am really flustered as to what to put in my reply. Any help would be greatly appreciated