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  1. First of all, lawyers are not allowed in Small Claims court in WA State. (Weird - I thought we always had a "right to an attorney" when defending ourselves, but no, were are not.) Representing yourself pro-se is not for the faint of heart. Second, I also felt the judge had made his decision already - nothing I could say or do would change that. Note that some judges have a bias against debt-owers - that is just the way it is. An attorney friend told me it is a crazy game; there were cases he has won that he thought he wouldn't stand a CHANCE in heck of winning, and cases he argued with t
  2. Oh dear. I had no case laws to quote in my response. I erroneously thought that step that was reserved for trial, not for a hearing, and that a response with arguments was all I needed to avoid an immediate judgement against me. It's a shame. Missed one step! Well, hopefully this helps someone else who is representing themselves. Quote cases on each argument outlined in your response. I didn't do this, and it cost me the hearing. Nuts. Thanks for the clarification on this.
  3. Additional details: King County Small Claims - hearing - judgement amount $3400. Within 60 seconds of approaching the bench, the judge told me that clearly Midland had a solid case against me, and had no choice but to grant the Judgement due to the fact that my written response ( I was not even allowed to talk) had no accompanying affidavit. I was asked "Do you have an affidavit to support these arguments?" I had not the slightest clue what he was talking about. For instance, I am not sure what piece of paper I could have furnished the court with that would have served as an affidavit to sup
  4. After spending countless hours researching these forums, and hundreds of dollars for a ghost written response to the plaintiff's claim, the judge granted the motion for summary judgement at the hearing in favor of the plaintiff. I am still not certain what I did wrong, but my well crafted answers to the complaint were not even considered because I did not have an affidavit to support them. Entire hearing was over in 4 minutes. I clearly thought I was prepared to argue standing in court, but was not. Can anyone tell me exactly what I type of affidavit I needed in addition to my response tha