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  1. I received a dunning request letter for an outdated (beyond SOL) from a Law Office in PA. Voice recordings are two party requirement in PA. Voice recordings are one party required in TX. I'm in Texas.... So which law prevails... I'm tempted to call to create a "tripwire"
  2. Ok. Here is another case:
  3. Wait. According to different sources they are still able to settle.
  4. I'm new to the world CreditRepair...etc... First post. Basically I have two Judgements from bad CC that I did owe but couldnt pay totalling up to about 11k. I went to the hearings but lost. 1.) Portfolio Recovery. $5178 Dec 2012 5% interest 2.) Midland Funding $7311 March 2012 5% interest Should I settle, or what options are there? Has anyone had any experience in settling with these companies? Should I go for 25%. What are the correct steps? I.E. any letters to have this done the "correct" way.....