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  1. Those scores were given to me by a mortgage company as my mortgage fico scores... II will send goodwill letters out. I requested deletes at time o fpayments but everyone refused...
  2. Hello all, been reading hundreds of posts from this forum and it has been inspirational as well as educational. I am in need of some specific advice however. I have been pretty bad over the years with collections and finance. I even had a chapter 7 bankruptcy back in 2005. Well I have had a good job for 5 years now ($90,000 a year). Still wasn't th ebest at paying stupid things however. For instance I have broken leases, broken cell phone contracts, medical bills etc I had not paid. Well as of last month I have paid every debt I have other than my car payment. My scores last month were 500, 570, 580. After paying $10,000 of debt and collections my scores are 510, 576, 590 respectively. I really want to buy a house using my VA loan and no one will help me until I hit at least 580. My question is, what can be done to raise my score? I even opened a secured credit card. I gained less than 10 points by paying $10,000? What a joke. I am so frustrated and regret even paying. So what can I do? Please help! Sorry for long post and thank you so much for your time to respond...
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