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  1. Well, it's been so long since I've been here that I needed to use the password reset. In 2011 (?) I was sued by Pressler and Midland - and I lost. For 2 credit cards. I was out of work for over a year back in 2008-2009 and ran up CC debt for living (3 cards, total maybe 20K?) Midland sued me for 2 of those cards and got judgments for both (One I fought, the other I think they got summary judgment because I foolishly and irresponsibly didn't respond. I still haven't paid them completely. A couple of times they have emptied my bank account, which led me to hide money, to stay under the radar so I could get back on my feet. I think I'm back on my feet now somewhat, despite losing everything I ever owned, sometimes suicidal depression...the works. Still kicking And I believe I have the $$ to just pay them off. Which I've intended to do. A lawyer tried to sell me bankruptcy a few years ago but I chose to work and save. And pay them. But I haven't been in a huge rush to pay them inasmuch as F@#$ them. (And I had to pay off the IRS too - which I also did) Yesterday I got a message from Pressler Felt and Warshaw with a # to call, and I haven't called it yet. I don't even know how much I still owe them (maybe $10-15K?) I am thinking I'll call the court clerk Monday a.m. and try to get info on the judgments but I remembered this site and thought I could ask advice here. I'm pretty sure I can't be sued for the third CC due to the SOL, so maybe they see my growing bank account and want to take it as well, and they want to give me a chance to pay it without them going through the trouble. I've been working my butt off, trying not to be overwhelmed by depression or feeling like a failure, which I do, frequently. And I've saved some $. But this phone message just rekindled those feelings of being crushed. So should I just call them? As far as I know, I have no other debts to anyone and I can pay this one. Am I right that I can't really "settle" with them since the court has already awarded them the judgment against me? I hate this feeling of being afraid to answer the phone, although I don't know what else can really happen to me anymore as I've already lost it all
  2. Sorry to rekindle an old thread but I need help/advice and I need it from someone experienced and clear thinking. I've been in a funk of depression (all my life), exacerbated by this current mess and I've been frozen and burnt out but I need to act and I want to be smart about my actions (my inaction has left me in quite a mess...) I defaulted on three credit cards after I graduated from school on 2008. I looked at my credit report today and Midland sued me for 2 of them and got judgements both times, once in Oct. 2011 and again a few months ago. (The third CC was for BOA and which shows as "cancelled by credit grantor" on the report...not sure what that means...) They recently got a lien against my bank account and tried to take money for the 2011 debt (~14K, of which they were paid about 7K via wage garnishment). The recent judgement they got against me this year was also for about 7K. After the notice that they'd received this most recent judgement, they sent me a letter saying that it's not too late to settle with them, for (maybe) less than they won in judgment. About a week later, I was notified from my bank that I had a lien placed for the balance of the prior judgement yet to be paid. So I still owe them a total of about 14K, and obviously they mean business but they did send that letter saying maybe we could 'deal.' I have some debt that can't be discharged (about 13K) but the total of what I owe, according to my credit report is about 16K, of which 14K is due to Midland. MY QUESTION - "It it likely or even possible that I could get both judgements settled for anywhere near the BK attorney's fees of about $1,800?" I've already spoken with a BK attorney who is, of course, encouraging me to go BK. But I'm wondering if I went to Midland and said, "Look, you've already gotten 7K from me, and if I declare BK you'll get nothing.... I'm not sure what kind of a deal I could work.... I've got this fantasy about making a d4eal with them, spending some money to them, maybe, but having judgements removed from my credit report and getting them - and the risk of wage garnishing - off my back. Is that just a fantasy? (...also, I forgot to mention that in my debt is also an additional $13K for my car payment...maybe I should get out from nder that too but I really want to come out of this strong and victorious, not losing everything (I already lost everything I owned, literally, earlier this year...) Thank you very much for your time.
  3. Well, I started this thread and I thank everyone for their input. And I wish you all well too. I called the court and I missed the court date. (I'm out of the country and the letter from the court was forwarded to my sister's house so I didn't get notified until she told me), Anyway, it appears that the best thing to do is bankruptcy or figure out a way to make a lot of money soon. It took too much out of me last time I tried to fight them myself. Thank you again to everyone and best wishes,
  4. WOW! I've been offline for a couple of days and returned to see all of this. I am So grateful for all of your responses and assistance. I clearly need to talk to a few lawyers and I will. I think I said in the original post that I fought them by myself the first time and it literally sucked the life out of me. Stress, indeed and I've dealt with my share of it beyond this stuff. but I can't go through this again, not alone. Thank you again for your help, everyone.
  5. Sorry if I'm not putting this post in the right place. I'm really discouraged and would really appreciate some advice. Two years ago, just as I was beginning a new career late in life, Midland sued me through Pressler&Pressler. I did a lot of research and played "lawyer" myself, burning myself out and ultimately losing. They garnished my wages and I have paid about half of a $14,000 judgment that they won. I left my job in January and they stopped getting paid. ( I have been out of work and dealing with a personal health issue. I'm not disabled and will, at some point finnd another job and get back to work (where, presumably, they'll garnish those wages too). My sister's address is presently my "permanent address" inasmuch as I left the apartment I rented for the prior 15 years. She received a notice from the superior court that another fim is representin Midland for another debt (about $6,500). [Also, the SOL in her state is 3 years, mine is 6; I left my residence March 31st, though I have not changed my license, registration or voting records, so i don't know if I can use the "SOL" defense, probably not, right?] My credit is already shot inasmuch as I've got a judgment against me and so bankruptcy, while unappealing, is not the worst option. My question is, can I call this law firm, explain to them that I might go bankrupt, in which case they won't receive anything, and ask if they can 'make a deal' to combine and reduce the 2 debts? Should I just declare bankruptcy? The last time I tried to fight them on my own it really sucked the life out of me and I ended up losing anyway.