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  1. I have an old Wells Fargo Financial credit card account that recently went into collections. The balance is shy of $6,000. My last payment was made more than four years ago. Does anyone know how I can obtain a copy of a Card Member Agreement from 2010? The current agreement, revised in 2014, says it's governed by the State of South Dakota. I'm hoping the older agreement is govered by a state with a shorter statute of limitations. Because my last payment was made in 2010, I'm assuming I can argue the agreement from 2010 would apply. I've checked the database at wit
  2. I received collection notices on two credit card accounts that were last paid in February 2010. The first account is with Discover. The second card is a JC Penney Mastercard. The JC Penney Mastercard is currently issued by GE Capital Retail Bank. I don't know if GE issued my card when I opened the account several years ago. What is the best way for me to find out which state's laws govern the credit card agreements? I thought of sending a written dispute to the collection agencies and requesting a copy of the agreements. Also, to verify the date of the last payment, should I request