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  1. im in fl so i believe the SOL is 5 years. we stop paying on our accounts around early to mid 2011. should i wait it out? if i do what should i do after the 5 years? were tired of paying intrest rates on cars and keep getting denied. i understand its my fault but im ready to start fixing what i can.
  2. hello yall! long time lurker but ready to start somewhere! so long story short, me and my wife are trying to repair our credit i have 3 account that have been charged off and sold to Portfolio Recovery associates. wre looking to by a house next year around the same time and need to clean up are credit so we have a better chance to be approved. ive been reading a bit here and there and some say dont settle with any JDB and some said i should. within the three accounts i have with PRA its t around its around 4000$ i guess my question should i settle to get these off my credit report? or