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  1. So a few months ago I asked for a DV letter. And they sent a letter, with their letter head on there. The only other "proof" they sent me was a affidavit from an employee from Midland. So I'm assuming that is why they dropped the case, they had absolutely no proof. Thanks again to everyone. I never would have tried to stand up to them without this board.
  2. Thanks! I guess this means it will stay on my credit report since its "without prejudice" Is there any way to have it removed from my credit report?
  3. So I wanted to start off by saying THANKS to all the people that post here. I've been coming to this board for weeks now to get advice about my trial with Midland. I've never posted before, but daily would go thru all the posts and get tips on how to deal with the JDB's Reading all the posts made me feel less nervous about taking these guys on. So this morning was my trial with Midland Funding. I show up to court with all my notes, feeling very nervous but prepared. The lawyer from Midland calls my name and we step out into this side room and he asks "So I see you are disputing if Midland actually owns the account" I agreed he said "They do" I disagreed, and said they have no legal standing. he said "You did have a GE Capital Card correct?" I agreed he said "Midland bought this debt and is now the owner" I said I disagreed and we would let the judge decide. he then said "Maybe we can come to some sort of agreement with payment plans" I once again said "Let's let the judge decide" He then said "Midland has told me to dismiss if I wanted to pursue any further" He then pulled out a paper and entered Case dismissed Now that is all GREAT and I'm super happy with the outcome. It was dismissed without prejudice so I guess that gives them the right to try this again at a later date, is that correct? Does that happen often? Should I have pushed for "with prejudice" I was so nervous and just wanted the whole thing over. Thanks again!