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  1. And I apologize it wasn't removed until Aug 24,2013. I must have read it wrong... But still Unifund didn't buy my debt until nov 9,2013 according to that bill of sale...
  2. I have heard collection agencies do this to prevent FCRA or FDCPA claims... They put it on and then take it off periodically?
  3. Okay, so I'm dealing with a JDB unifund in GA. I went and filed a very basic answer, denying, disputing, and citing a possible FDCPA violation where I was served a suit from another county. Now I am planning on amending it to make my case stronger but I need some help with affirmative defenses. After analysis of the documents given to me, I've noticed some blatant discrepancies. First, in the suit I was served with from the original county, the principal listed on the court docs DOES NOT match the amount listed on the 1 COPY of an old credit card statement that they also sent. Second, the 2
  4. That's what kind of confuses me. And every one I talk to seems to give me different and conflicting tips. An attorney last night told me about the bill of particulars since there was no request for production or interrogatories in ga, I'm literally tearing these boards (and the internet at that) apart!!! Haha
  5. One lawyer I spoke with gave me "it's sounding good" in his initial consult, another told me basically unless my defense was solid I would prob end up having to settle, I have plans to speak with one more on Monday as well. Trying to get an array of opinions here counsel wise... None have jumped on the FDCPA violation though... Is there somewhere I can reference the actual "jargon" if you will, especially so I will know what to say in the counterclaim??
  6. Okay, I will definitely file the counter claim, even if it is just to get them to dismiss. ALSO, The bills of sale, I just noticed, they both are from last year, march 25 for the first & nov 9 for the second. Reason I mention it is I know for a FACT that unifund "owned" the debt prior to nov 9, as the last time this debt was reported on my credit report was when THEY (unifund) pulled it off on July 24,2013.... Could I have found a hole in their bucket???
  7. So I have been reviewing the bills of sale included in the paperwork I was served with, (which is the same 3 pieces of paper they sent when I DVed them), and nowhere on them is my name, acct #, NOTHING. The only thing I worry about is the copy of 1 credit card statement. Should I send a demand for particulars to them? Will that help my case?
  8. Thank you all for all your help, I will be reviewing all of these posts, to begin building my defense. I guess I should go to the courthouse to file my counter claim? I wrote about the violation on my answer that I filed, but I didn't enter a counter claim? By the way, like I had mentioned in my first post, I've changed my number multiple times (3)to be exact, to avoid these guys. The number associated with the credit card account originally was my very first, I was reading about "skip tracing" the other day, is that something I can utilize as well? Just wondering... Every day I'm feeling a l
  9. He informed me to go file my answer ASAP, and he said that "it's sounding good" that the clerk mentioned about them having me re served appropriately. He referred me to another atty more local to me, citing that hiring his help would unfortunately not make financial sense since it's such a low amount. Contacted that atty, and though he said he'd offer an initial free consult, I have him the gist of the situation and asked for any help he'd give me, he of course told me he wouldn't help me with building my defense or my pleadings. So I have until the 10th to make sure my defense is solid.
  10. Contacted Skaar & Feagle, they took me as far as a free initial consult. I went up to the courthouse and made my answer last Thursday. When I went, the clerk told me that had I not responded they were actually going to tell the law firm to send $50 more to have me served properly, with a POLK county suit in Polk not a cobb, as he had already conferred with the judge, and they said it was obviously VERY confusing where I was even supposed to make my answer. So in the answer I denied liability to L&J for payment, cited the wrongful service issue, and disputed the amount. Now I have a co
  11. Thank you, I have submitted an email to Steve Koval, and will be placing a phone call to him in the morning. It would be a blessing to have this in my past...
  12. It is Unifund, sorry for the delay in response... Polk county magistrate court sent me something today, informing that there was still time for me to File an answer and whatnot... Where can I find info about the possible violation they've already committed??
  13. Also I had heard it was illegal for them to put the collections acct on and off my credit report... The last time this was even on my credit report was July of 2013 when they took it off...
  14. There's one, I believe "pilot" something and then sold to unifund llc I believe...
  15. Even though the magistrate has already approved it to be transferred? Sorry I just didn't know, they have prob been hunting me down a while and got Lucky that I have moved back in with my mother in the last couple months... So the "I don't have a contract with you" defense won't work in this case?