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  1. yes, we can not get access of that contract. I had tried that with the OC before asking for a breakdown of what we are being charged for. I was told there is no breakdown of what I am owed and they would call me back with a copy of the contract, they never did. I am currently researching disputing that mess with the regulatory board that handles trade schools however I need to fight with the CA agency in the meantime
  2. Hello, What a great forum. I have been looking it over for about 5 weeks now and researching what I can and trying to search for my answers .. Here's a brief history of my story/problem. My husband was attending a really crappy tech school, they gave us a private loan through them. My husband stopped going to this school. They are trying to bill us for the whole time of the program even tho he went only half way. While he was still in the program (right as he was getting ready to quit) I asked the school for a breakdown of what we owe so I can dispute it. The financial aid office and bus