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  1. Thanks BassPlayr good advice, I have checked other debtor boards, this one seems to have the most posts about Patricia, most interested in seeing a notarized document. I have private messaged many of those people but most strings are old and I doubt they will see the request. Still trying to figure out if Florida has a rule that states the documents must be notarized...seems like I have seen it somewhere but cannot locate it again.
  2. Here are the 2 I have, They look very different to me, especially the last name. I am objecting to the fact that mine is not notarized. I believe there is a rule in Florida, looking for that now. Thanks for any help! img037.pdf img038.pdf
  3. I am looking for anyone who has copies of a Bill of Sale or Assignment from Citibank with Patricia Halls signature. I have collected two (from a Cavalry and Midland case) that seem to be different signatures and I suspect robosigning. The wording on the Bill of Sale is also different. I am particularly interested in any notarized signatures from her. This person seems to be on many JDB cases and I am trying to establish if this is like the Mortgage robosigning scandal. These are usually generic forms without any personal information on them, but if there is, you can certainly redact it. I will post my findings here if I get any responses. Thanks!
  4. I know this is an old thread but I am looking for copies of Citbank Bills of Sale with Patricia Halls signature. I have 2 that are very different and suspect Robosigning and want to use that in my defense. If anyone has that could you please attach here? Thanks so much.
  5. Is there any way possible you can send me a copy of that notarized letter from Patricia Hall? PLEASE. I have mine and one other that shows completely different signatures, but they are not notarized. I suspect robosigning and want to present that as evidence at my trial....I will be happy to share my information and all the motions I have filed in Florida. Different state but can be useful to you for reference. If anyone else has copies of her signature please send them and I will post the results here. If as I suspect this is a bogus Bill of Sale I may file a counter suit. Not sure you can attaché things here, I am a new here but been fighting my case for months, have a hearing in 2 days, trial in 2 weeks if the judge doesn't make me go to mediation. Thank you
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