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  1. @art Okay. Yes sir. I did file paperwork when I did the dispute and asked to be communicating only that way as well so that I may have the paper trail. Yes, I will continue to check back on it and see. Thank you all
  2. @BV80 the amount that was owed by Asset was less than the amount shown by Midland but mine is no longer on my credit report. @art, do I not need to file a dispute online to try that way? Thanks everyone!
  3. I sent in a formal dispute to Midland and then contacted credit bureau letting them know of the dispute. On the credit report which shows all information on it (original date opened, amount owed, etc) mine had Asset with all correct amounts listed (original date opened, etc) but his is listed under Midland for a different amount and opened last year. How is that possible to split up co-signer and signer and charge 2 separate amounts? Mine is no longer on my credit report as all trade lines were deleted as per dispute but Midland will not provide any ownership of the debt, payments received etc. This is where I need help.
  4. We made initial contact with them and informed them to contact us only through letters so we may keep paper records. They still have not provided the last payment made, ownership of the loan etc.
  5. We are currently looking to improve our credit score and our loan advisor asked what loan he had opened last year and we were clueless because we had nothing opened. After I further investigated the credit report, I found Midland Funding LLC. We had never been contacting by them about them purchasing the outstanding loan and furthermore they have the original date opened as 11/13, not 12/05 and when I disputed through the credit bureau and directly with the company asking for last payment statements etc, they only provided the last page of our original loan stating our signature and dates.
  6. Please help! I have been reading answers on this site and you guys seem to have a good bit of knowledge about these issues. Okay, my husband and myself are currently trying to dispute Midland on an old loan from 2005 and of course they are giving us the run around. I sent letters asking for proof of ownership, charge off amount, statement showing last payment, etc. Everything needed to have this claim dropped since we had never originally gotten anything from them stating they had bought our debt or anything. Their response was the original documents from when we took the loan out (service contract agree,etc, not really sure of the name but the part where it tells you how much you will actually pay back when the loan is paid off, not any of the documents I had demanded. The major twist in this whole thing is that my husband is the original signer and I am the co-signer. On my credit report, the debt was bought by Asset for a smaller amount, not by Midland. Also, when i disputed mine through the credit bureau, it got deleted off because of the age. Heres where the fraudulent part comes in. Instead of the original open date being 12/2005 (when we originally opened the loan), it states it was opened 7/2013. Yet another red flag. I was told since they did not send any paperwork i requested, to ask for 1)statement showing last payment made, 2)charge off statement & 3) affidavit of sales. Also demanding credit being open on correct date. Do I need to do anything more, less, get an attorney? We are trying to get our credit back normal to refinance our house and build on or move but we cant do anything with this bogus charge stuck on the credit. Any help in what articles, papers to look for etc, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks