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  1. OK so as of today it has been 180 days exactly any suggestions on what the next step should be?
  2. @Harry Seaward Thanks Harry I did read the rule too. . . .and felt they had filed properly and so I could not oppose it. Not sure why they are doing it though. . .probably just to create paperwork and try to get me to misstep.
  3. No reason listed just the standard required legal statements I have spent some hours trying to find info on how to best write up an opposition to this but as they listed no reasoning for the request . . .I guess just a generic opposition? I do not see anything particular about the judge. . .so far. . .. but maybe they have experienced his courtroom before?
  4. Thanks for the info Seadragon So today I recieved a notice from the plantiff that they are requesting a Notice of Change of Judge Any ideas as to why they might do this ? I am thinking to delay the process?? Maybe the judge here in Pima county has a record of not being friendly to JDB's? Should I oppose this or let it slide? any info appreciated. .. as always thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the info seadragon I am curious how i tipped my hand? when ya get a chance. . .obviously its already filed but did not think I gave anything away?? Thanks again
  6. Here is a copy of my initial disclosure sent green back on 9/23/2014. Not a peep from the JDB. . yet. . . Should I also send of interroggs? and Q&A? Any remarks on the disclosure I sent to them? AS always thanks in advance for your input and help. Initial Disclosure Red.pdf
  7. hello all So I am still with plenty of time to send my disclosure to Plaintiff Are there any pro's or con's to sending this now versus closer to the 40 day mark? Are there any hazards to be aware of when providing a disclosure statement in return? any other specifics I should include such a intent to summons their claimed witnesses? Also since the JDB is not sending anything with proof of receipt, is there a way to demand communication this way so they can not claim to mail something and it gets lost? Thanks * my head is full!!*
  8. Thanks Harry and Shellie98 I downloaded a copy of the JCRCP a few weeks ago and have been reading and digesting and then re-reading. I am curious at the speed they delivered disclosure. . .I answered the original complaint on the 20th day and I had disclosure from them two days later! just interesting as lots of stories on here about JDB taking a long time to initially disclose. I will upload the original complaint and my answer below. . . Thanks for the "section of your Rule 121 statement I would include Any and all of Plaintiff's relevant responses to Discovery requests made by Defendant". . I will be sure to add it I answered 8/17 so I still have loads of time to disclose . . .is there any benefit to answering quickly or slowly? When and how do I object to the use of non-OC witnesses? in my initial disclosure?
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