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  1. Hello. I have several charge offs in my credit report that I would like to resolve. According to what I read: Charge-Offs. Try disputing the information within the listing, like the date the account was opened, the high balance, the amount owed, etc. If any of the information is incorrect, you have a good chance of getting the whole thing deleted off of your report. Can someone please explain further what "disputing the information within the listing means" ??? Who do I need to dispute the information with? The collection agency or the credit bureau directly? Any other suggestions for increasing credit score with several charge-off on credit report? Thanks, Val
  2. Well thank you all for the response. I'm just overwhelmed with all of this, I had a rough time with my husband's unemployed a few years ago and that's why I'm in this situation -- living off of credit cards. Now we are in a better situtation and would like to have my credit reestablished I just don't know where to begin. Thanks again, Valerie.
  3. I'm trying to repair my credit as fast as possible-even if I have to settle and pay. I have 6 accounts, all credit cards, all have been charged off. Here are my questions: 1. The SOL does not apply and therefore it will remain on my credit for 7 years? 2. I pulled TU and EX reports but they have conflicting information when it comes to the date of last payment. Should I try to validate with CRA? 3. Will settling help my score? 4. If I wish to settle should I contact original credit or CA? 5. If I wish to settle should I validate first anyways? Sorry I have so many questions, I've read all the information in here and now I'm just overwhelmed and do not know what to do first. Its a lot of great resources... Thanks, Valerie.
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