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  1. http://www.consumerfinance.gov/newsroom/cfpb-takes-action-against-medical-debt-collector/ Nevermind. Just found link to settlement. Wonder if i get only one check..or one for each line item.lol
  2. Syndicated office sent me a letter stating "above account may not have received a timely response to a dispute you submitted to cfc.as a result of this we are making payment indicted below" "You are not agreeing to anything by cashing, but you must cash within 90 days. Questions call ####...." Thoughts?
  3. This is what it says... "NOTICE OF NEW OWNERSHIP AND PRE-LEGAL REVIEW on 9-15-2015 your citibank acct was sold to MIDLAND FUNDING LLC which is now the sole owner of this debt. Midland credit Management will be collecting on this debt. MCM is considering forwarding this acct to an attourney in your state for possible litigation. However,such forwarding will not occur until after the expiration of the validation period described on the back ofthis letter. Upon reciept of this notice, please call...####. If we dont hear from you or recieve payment by 11/15 we may proceed with forwarding t
  4. MIDLAND just sent me my letter stating they bought my debt and gave me until 11/15 to validate or they will proceed with litigation. My SOL(texas) goes out in june. Of course i plan on stretching out my dv until then, (.. unless i can ignore this given date.) and hope for the best. Any past peeps deal with Midland?
  5. my advice is to not bring these items up first in court. let their attorney introduce. then object. thebill of sale is so generic. and the last page is printed from their electronic file from the midlands computer. someone else will have better advice.
  6. @bassplayr, I did an online dispute thru Transunion, and they deleted it. does that matter or help more? I just have the printout of the dispute confirmation and the only thing it shows is the collection companies name and account # then deleted in bold. from now on, I will be more thorough. @TomnTex, what about the company not being bonded in texas? i will be sending a letter, but can i legally state they "cannot sell, transfer, assign, or share any information about me or this alleged debt.." ( i saw this line in your linked posting and i would like to add it to my letter) or would that
  7. okay. I need to correct my post. the more research I do on here, the more I realize the JDB should have been listed as a medical collection. and I searched through my files and found one of these bills is dated for my sons birth but I did find an old collection notice from CFC from NICU bill. but my son never was in the NICU, nor saw this doctor for any reason. Our insurance covered all of his birth from the hospital and my obgyn had me pay in advance my deductible. ( I have all documentation of this). I am guessing I need to contact this Dr. directly? or what would be my best option? this b
  8. I just did my annual reports to see where I was. I have central financial control showing three medical debts on Transunion, and syndicated office showing the exact same account #'s and amounts, etc. on the Equifax report. ( I haven't done the third one yet but will sometime this week) Anyway, I disputed these three med bills back in 2012 and two were deleted. and one was updated. I then sent a dv letter to the updated one (central financial) and they deleted it a short time later. Then in may 2014, I checked again, and the first 2 deleted are up again, I sent both JDB's their dv letters, CF
  9. just a little FYI the article did not mention. If you fill out form 982 to file for insolvent, don't forget to put the amt on line 10a. Do NOT add the 1099 amount into your income. And fill out and send in the insolvency worksheet just to be on the safe side incase of an audit.
  10. So, I contacted the Plaintiff's attorney to tell them the discovery has been longer than 30 days, and they need to respond or I will file a motion and sanction yadda yadda and they responded with "This case is being routed for dismissal." Thank you everyone on here!
  11. sorry this is a late update, my computer crashed the night before I had court. anyway, it went horribly. I tried my best. The judge said exactly "this court goes by it's own set of rules! those don't apply to my courtroom." and waived a copy of papers around in the air and then popped it down on his bench. after that all my planning went up in smoke and I was intimidated and nervous and just choked. but he did get after the young attorney for not having read my discovery and repeatedly asked if they had any statements to show him. and she kept stuttering and saying she will send everything
  12. @BV80 which one? the lyons? should I print it out and take to court with me? just incase?
  13. sorry I had to rewrite all my jotted down notes in order. tell me how this sounds. I am going to add more for the "bill of sale" but have to take a short break. please find anything that doesn't work or I should add in. I welcome all critiques. 1. Plaintiff, Portfolio Recovery Associates, has filed "Exhibit A" which consists of an "affidavit" and "bill of sale". 2. "Exhibit A" pertains to acts and events that allegedly occurred between Defendant and a third party, Citibank. 3. At no time was the creator of the "affidavit" nor any of Plaintiff's employees present to witness any alleged ac
  14. AFFIDAVIT (OBJECTION: HEARSAY. Affiant lacks personal knowledge, lacks foundation, and makes conclusory statements.) Plaintiff, Portfolio Recovery Associates, has filed Exhibit A "Affidavit". Exhibit A pertains to acts and events that allegedly occurred between Defendant and a third party, Citibank, N.A. At no time was the creator of the affidavit nor any of the Plaintiff’s employees present to witness any alleged acts or creation of the records of transactions occurring between Defendant and the Citibank, N.A. Affiant or plaintiff presents no evidence providing how the finance cha
  15. @BV80 thanks for the Ortega v. cach "The West Affidavit is offered as a business record of CACH, but it is clear from the face of the document that it was prepared for the purpose of litigation. The affidavit has the heading of a pleading and refers to CACH and Ortega as "Plaintiff" and "Defendant," respectively." they reference me as the "defendant" multi times.