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  1. Sorry to be dense. Initial meeting means with creditors? Yes... hoping Chase does not foreclose too quickly. Have asked on different forum if anyone has an idea if Chase is quick to foreclose... especially since the house is a hot mess. Thanks!
  2. hello My ex husband has filed BK7 in Bartow dischargehouse is part of it. My question is does anyone know how long it has been taking to get discharged here? his court date is August 20th, and then there is a date of October 25th, on the notice that says that is how long people have to file a claim, I believe? Does he have at least until that date for discharge? He is trying to arrange a new place to live. Thanks! Amdy
  3. I do not live in the home nor want it. I am so angry we did not think of this. I am going forward to buy my own home. They can come after me if they want. I will file bankrupcty... Sigh
  4. I have no idea what my x has done, but my guess is no the deed is not turned over. He JUST found out from his bankruptcy attorny that I am on the title. Of course we did a quickie divorce so it never occured to us I would be liable for the home.
  5. Hi there! My ex-husband is filing bankruptcy and just informed me I may be screwed. I am no where on the mortgage of the home, but I am on the title!!! We did a quit claim deed. OMG! We thought we were getting on with our lives! The mortgage is with Chase. Will they really come after me? How soon? I am in the process of buying my own home. I even thought I should go ahead and buy JIC they DO come after me. I maybe could file bankruptcy myself, but keep MY home. We tried to do all this the right way, but things keep going wrong. Does ANY one have any advice or experience? Thank you and desparate, Andrea
  6. No... Not saying I have to file, but yes have to include my income. We have decided to seek marriage counseling (his illness and the debt are surely the main factor in the strain of our marriage), but he is still filing bankruptcy. We DO NOT want to lose the house. No where else to go. We have negative equity so hoping to get 2nd stripped. We have separate checking accounts and I place only a certain amount of my check into his... for household expenses. I've done a lot of reading and just now realized we can deduct what I pay for outside of the household stuff. This is still all scary.
  7. Very true about foreclosure. He actually does not want to lose the house. He wants to get a roommate/helper. Wow... so even if he had a "roommate", he would have to include both incomes? I might as well file with him, but I have no debt! And if he were to go CH 13, why should MY money pay his debt. This is absurd. We are trying to do the right thing, but I will get screwed. Thank you... he goes for a consult next week.
  8. My husband and I have an odd situation going on. We no longer consider ourselves man and wife and plan to divorce, but have put if off as he has cancer and I do the day to day chores. He wants to file bankruptcy as his income has been greatly reduced (by half) and the debt, home... are in his name only. I do not need to file. Though only one of us will be in the bankruptcy, combined we do not pass the means test (he passes by miles on his own). We figure we HAVE to divorce now. Will the timing of a divorce affect his bankruptcy if he files next year? Only reason he has to wait is we don't have the money to file right now. Here is the other thing. I want to remain in the home to help pay bills for now. Once his bankruptcy is discharged I can move out. I don't know if we can even do this. I just don't want him spending the rest of his life with this debt. Yes he made his financial issues, but who knew cancer would creep in. We are good friends so are trying to make this as painless as possible. Just a big mess. I don't want to seem heartless, but I could simply move on, file, and let him deal with it. Just not who I am. Thanks for any advice. We currently getting all info together for him to take to his free consult.