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  1. The theme has been fixed so you shouldn't have that error thrown anymore. If you do get one, please send me a direct message so I can investigate. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, This forum software was re-written from the ground up. On the old versions, which was produced for nearly a decade with the feature set it had to get to where it was. This one releases new features with every upgrade. Some features will take much longer to come back based on the demand of it, sadly. As for the posts disappearing, that was unfortunate. We did an automatic software update that didn't work, so the database was restored. Manually did the update this time around... same thing happened so we'll investigate that and come back to it.
  3. Sorry for the delay. I had PC issues for a while, and playing catch-up since then, it really REALLY put me behind :(. Can you please let me know what issues you're still having or haven't figured out and I'll try to be of assistance as best as I can.
  4. I'll chime in on this in a bit Henry -- currently working on the site right now as we speak. My workstation was down for over a month, which has all my account infomration stored on it (refuse to work from a laptop...) Give me a day or so and I'll answer your questions
  5. When you select the text you want, you have to click the text after. Just select the text, then click the text and you'll get the bubble. For the 2nd issue, I'll have to see something. I'm not really sure what you're talking about. As for the "Request desktop site" this is a responsive website, meaning it's the same site whether it's on your phone, tablet, or spanned across 10 screens. The content just stacks vertically and goes from there. That way you're getting all the same features and nothing else is hacked out like the old version :).
  6. What phone do you have? And are you selecting the text afree you highlight it?
  7. @Harry Seaward Unfortunately, we cannot let members use the source button to remove formatting on posts. This is because of security concerns, I hope you understand. As for attachments, I've raised the limit, so you should be good to go :).
  8. Don't worry, I got your bat gadgets included to work when quoting via the phone. Simply highlight it with your finger or thumb, and to do that, simply hold said fIngersoll or thumb on the text until you get the highlight button, select the text by dragging the arrows, then click the highlited text and you'll get the same bubble, select that and voila. You now have your bat gadgets working on the site See below:
  9. This is another improvement to the system. Rather than having to quote all of the content from a post, simply highlight that content with your mouse and you will see a little bubble that says "quote this" That will just quote the selected text. If you quote the whole post, it's essentially taking a snap shot of it. I can add the recent posts as well. I left options with running the content of the site to the true admins.... I'm just the code guy
  10. @BV80 I've addressed the issue when loading other topics. The google ads were breaking that functionality, I used a work around. @Harry Seaward Still looking into the formatting buttons and I've disabled the top ad for now until I discuss with the admin(s) on how they want to handle the display of that one. Regarding attachments - By default, you cannot delete them because of content discovery. This means if you post an attachment in a thread, and then you decided to just delete your attachment later on, the thread's content will be missing. This is bad for SEO and search results, if that makes sense. This is something I can change though, where you CAN delete it, but I'd advise against that option to them, rather I'd prefer to increase the amount of space for attachments instead. I'll ask and see what they say for you :). Thanks again
  11. @BV80 Can you tell me which threads? I haven't noticed that as of yet. THanks EDIT: Nevermind, I see what you're talking about. Looking into it now...
  12. @Harry Seaward Still looking into the formatting in the editor. Thanks for pointing out the ad issue. I've been working on the ads the past day and and didn't notice that it's locked with the header as you scroll down. Again thanks!
  13. @fisthardcheese When you click Activity and then click on My Activity feed, you will see all of the default streams generated by the software. At the bottom, you'll see a "Create New Stream" button where you can create a stream to your own liking, dependent on how you want to set it. Including ways to specify topics from the only one member, specifying content from a date range, since your last visit etc. Simply do this: 1. Click on Activity 2. Click on Create new stream 3. Specify the content discovery to your liking Also, you may edit these streams anytime by viewing the stream and clicking this button here: Click on "Activity" and t hen click on "All Activity" -- or you can also create a new stream and narrow down those results to only posts/topics etc.
  14. @Harry Seaward Looking into the Source button so you can remove the formatting by default. I know it's an option for admin, so I'll see if it's something we can grant to all members (no promises) As for the Mention option, it's now built in. Simply type in "@" and then start typing the person's Display name and a box will come up like this: @Harry Seaward
  15. Hey guys, All of the recent items/activity is all handled through an Activity Feed that you can setup however you'd like. See this screenshot below... also, you can create a new stream based on whatever criteria you'd like to use. What information are you exactly trying to find? I just took a look at your profile and see everything there, you may want to play around with your Profile's notification settings. There are some default limitations to how long they will stay in your notification list. Again, if you'd like to see all of your content, just use the Activity button found above
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