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  1. Hi everyone, Earlier this year I had like 11 negative things on my CR's but after disputing and writing letters to agencies, I got 8 things off so now I'm left with 2 things in collections and a charge off. These are the last remaining blights and I was wondering what to do next to get them off. 1.) Collection for $189 from Enhanced Recovery for Comcast. It goes away in September 2015, but I was wondering should I just pay if off in full and ask for a PFD or see if I can still pay original creditor. 2.) Collection from Rash, Curtis, Associates for $343. On CR till 2020. 3.) Charge of
  2. From what I've gathered from reading all the info on the matter, if it's not entirely deleted, paid in full would be the lesser of the 2 evils.
  3. thanks. i was hard pressed to get rid of this, but i think i'm gonna wait so they can start sending me notices to settle and then i can negotiate to have it deleted entirely. an article on here said if you owe over $1000, then you should try to settle for no more than 25% of the original debt. the lady yesterday wanted to play hardball so I just hung up.
  4. Hi there. We didn't discuss any amount to settle. First thing the woman said was 4 payments of the full amount and I was like, "No…." I haven't received anything from the CA yet, as I think my file was just given to them. I just pulled my credit reports and everything was with the OC. So lemme get this straight, if I do pay something, I want them to delete that it was a charge off in the first place and put "paid in full" or "paid as agreed" correct?
  5. Ok so here's my story, I owed Care Credit $1379 and it became a charge off when I became unemployed. I called them today to try negotiate something, but they had already turned it over to a collection agency. I get the agency's number and called them and said I'd be willing to pay something, but only if they remove the negative listing, as a paid charge off won't do me any good and it doesn't hurt them to do so. Lady wanted to play hard ball and said she couldn't do that. My question, is what should I do next? Should I send a debt validation letter in to them? I just looked at my credit
  6. Definitely send letters with return receipts so you can hold them viable.
  7. Thank u! Now if only Experian will follow suit!!!
  8. I put 8 items on one letter and had at least 6 deleted from Transunion.
  9. Just to do a follow up, Experian thought that a 3rd party vendor was sending in the dispute letter cause I didn't send a copy of my govt id and proof of address, so I did so and now I'm waiting for them to verify the items in question. The good thing is that Equifax deleted 4 out of 5 negative items and Transunion deleted 6 out of 8 negative items so the items that overlap with Experian, hopefully they delete. I think it'll work in my favor. There is one thing that the above 2 "verified" so I guess I'm going to have to write the collection agency asking for proof.
  10. Hi and thanks for responding. In the letter, I just put that it wasn't mine and asked for a deletion. It's really strange cause there were two AT&T Mobility accounts on my credit report but from different CA's. There were 9 negative items I disputed and I said the same thing for all of them.
  11. So I disputed all the negative items on my credit report a few weeks ago and I got all the return receipts back. Today, I received a letter from one of the collection agencies that I disputed and was curious what do I do next? The letter says they received my dispute from the credit agencies and would like to speak to me promptly about the matter. They're requesting additional info, but not saying what info they want. All they're saying is to call their consumer relations line. Do I ignore or what? Thanks!