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  1. Hello, Bank of America did took over and did we make payments till my dad got hit with cancer. We miss about 4 payments and then my wife tried to make an payments but refused to accept any payment. Our mortgage loan was sold to Saxon, so we apply for home modification and was denied. A month later my wife received a letter, stating that she was approve for the HAMP program. We was put on a three trial to see if we can make our payments on time. When completed our trial our mortgage loan set for 1220.00 each mont for first two years, but now we are paying about 1420.00 (All payment was sent to Ocwen banking.) When mortgage increase to 1420.00 we thought that second mortgage was finally included. thanks
  2. Hello shellieh98, Please for give me, this all foreign to me. the information i got from some of my load ducuments Countrywide Bank : Loan type Heloc- Equity Countrywide Bank, a Division of Treasury Bank, N.A. as 2nd lien Holder Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, Can someone please advise me on what I should do. Thanks Rob scan.pdf
  4. Hello everyone, Calvary LLC is trying to take me to small claims court 1 day before I head to a pretrial conference with Cavalry for the first lawsuit that started in September 2014. please see the attachments below, (any advice will help) Thanks Rob
  5. ‚Äč Hello, I'm being sued by Cavalry Spv and I don't know what to do. I have already missed a court date and and did received another letter that states "request for default" The lawsuit is in Massachusetts Can someone please advise me what steps should I take next. Thanks Rob
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