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  1. I just want to say Thank You! for posting this...I came across your post 2 days before my trial with Midland(which was this morning), I felt I had a pretty strong case before seeing your documents but I was very unsure of my own ability to present my case clearly in court under all the pressure. I was on an extended vacation and just returned last week and knew I had to cram hard for trial, I knew I had to attempt to serve a subpoena that would be undeliverable to get the s98 declaration thrown out. So I did that the day before trial by driving from LA to San Diego and filing it with the court that same day. I used you motion in Limine and declaration in support of it and even used your entire trial brief just subbing in my own pertinant information. That was a major life saver having that Trial Brief because I hadn't prepared one yet and it saved me from having to argue these things in front of the judge. The main thing for my case turned out to be that they served an amended s98 declaration only 1 week prior to trial which I put in my brief and that in turn got both s98 declations thrown out by the judge!!! Counsel for the Plaintiff then realising he had absolutely no evidence moved for dissmissal without predjudice and I thought I had won. The Judge then looked directly at me and says he wants to hear what I have to say about that before he rules on it. Then he explained to me that it meant that they would be able to bring the cause against me again in the future(I remembered reading about that). It was great cause he gave me the opportunity think for a minute and realize that I needed to request His Honor to Dissmiss with Predjudice and so thats what I did. And it was enough for me to get the WIN!!! JUDGEMENT IN FAVOR OF THE DEFENDANT, IN PRO PER BIIAAATCH!!! Thanks Again, looking back it appears that I wouldn't have been able to get the win if I hadn't come across your post with all of your wonderful documents available for download. FEELS AMAZING!!!