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  1. Does anyone know if the idea that the original SOL per the credit card/written contract (Washington State) date apples to the debt buyer? I understand that the original creditor has a SOL based on the their home state (in my case, Citibank - South Dakota), but when they sell the debt how does the SOL transfer with it? Has this ever been challenged in court?
  2. On sept 8th I was served for a suit filed by Suttell and Hammer for plaintiff Midland Funding LLC for a debt they bought from Citibank (South Dakota) - Home Depot. The account was charged off and sold some years ago and my best records indicate a last payment to HD in February 2010. Suit filed in Pierce County District Court. Case no. 752497. The cover sheet says amount of suit is $5142.53, but summons said $4942.53 is the sum for the judgement. I need to respond to the summons and complaint within the next 8 days, but am having a hard time finding an attorney that has the time, so I have 2