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  1. This is from a Canadian comedian hobbyist's amateur YouTube series titled, "The Truther Girls". I thought the insert of the prop wig made that clear, but OK. I posted it down here, in off-topic land, plus, closed the title with, "ENJOY!", to indicate is A.) Off-topic / humor / to be enjoyed, and, B.) to provide some humor to enjoy on the PDQ without needing to leave the site to relax a second, or <7min., to be more precise. Back to DVDs and organic vanilla Simple Truth probiotic yogurt blended into blissful perfection with frozen berries-Berries-BERRIES! Enjoy the laughs - make room for the
  2. I'd be asking for two (2) items, 1.) Telephone banking center's confirmation their computer reflects what your in-hand paperwork reads. Calling daily until it is confirmed. 2.) That crucial 1099 form for your upcoming tax payment due on whatever amount was "forgiven" in your short sale. Unless you have more money than the average bear, Boo Boo, to paraphrase good ol' Yogi Bear, that tax bill is going to take quite a bit of socking cash away to cover it by April 2015, 4 "short" months away. I don't know what your tax bracket is, or what your "short sale" has you paying income tax on. But, here
  4. @DonnaPoo Thanks for generously answering my questions. <8^D It seems like there is a form to submit..... you know what? I think I got off-track on that point, thinking of the paperwork submitted post-judgement... I think it is the prevailing party's obligation to give it to Judge to sign... and, I think that is when costs are squared away, too... So, since this is dismissal without prejudice, in my very best Roseann Roseannadanna voice, "Nevermind". LOL! May there be noneed for a second go round with them, or anyone. But, if so, may that you keep on showing what Victory looks like in a
  5. @DonnaPoo The highest of 5s on your awesome victory! Has it been filed? Do you & they return to court in 6 weeks, or so? What is the statute of limitations; can they re-file before it runs? Can you still turn in the paper asking for "with prejudice"? Please, may we know why you decided to accept without prejudice? Happiest of times to you! Happiness & Satisfaction well-earned! Warmly,
  6. Rooting for you! You are a source of inspirational motivation for many, and an informational thread-read for all! Go forth and conquer! Warmly,
  7. Best of success to you! Afterward, take a moment to thoroughly establish your timeflow calendar according to the proven-winner expertise of @Homelessinca - a member with a thread of pure gold! Warmly,
  8. Experts in these forums recommend you send a reply to their request stating that documents and witness will be used for impeachment. [PERIOD] BEST ADVICE: FOLLOW EXPERTS IN THESE FORUMS' RECOMMENDATIONS & DO NOT USE THIS TIME IN YOUR LIFE TO GET CREATIVE, OR TRY RECREATING THE WHEEL, as it were. OUR COMMON GOAL: THE VERY BEST OUTCOME POSSIBLE IN EACH CASE. ___NOT___ AN AWARD FOR TRYING THE NEW & DIFFERENT. Let's save that for the victory party buffet sampling! Yes? Warmly,
  9. : syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in on line is what I keep getting from link, too.
  10. Does that get your ball rolling? quote name="juh" post="1311945" timestamp="1418261032"]@Brotherskeeper Link referenced is bad. Can you provide correct link? Thx
  11. I love your zeal! Be my neighbor? For us, this is a rarity in life's vast menu of events. For them, it is but one of very many thousands of cases. For us, this means setting down our widget template, or cobbler's apron, or our lobster pots - whatever we are usually occupying ourselves with in our workaday lives - and, abruptly diving into The Legal Pool. For them, this means sending Cindilou Who, in her size 0 mini dress & shoe size 2, off to the supply closet with a cart of envelopes to stuff until lunch, each getting 1 from each neatly stacked pile on shelf 1, Side Left for the top shelf
  12. @tatia52 While doing the reading you write of, surely you noticed a pattern of each member starting their own thread, for their own case. Each of those threads is opened by the member copying, then pasting, then answering the questionnaire located here, CLICK! There is a specific admonishment against copying and pasting boilerplates on-site, such as your most recent post on this thread, also posted elsewhere* on-site, here, CLICK!
  13. OK, my chip into this passing hat is that from earlier - never seen a richer resource for them than there... Best of success getting boatloads of them here! 8^D
  14. Is this related to your case's 4-paged thread here, If so, why separating it so?